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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Don't Call My Name
  • Premiered: 2010-02-25
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  • Song:
    • Lady Gaga Alejandro
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    Forum Announcement Thread

    I love this song so much ^^

    If random effect whoring and spamage isn't your thing then this probably isn't either so yeah, don't say I didn't warn you in advance, I hate it when I warn people and they still go watch it and insult it afterwards

    Despite the randomness, it does have a concept though, I don't do random editing(well try not to) and this is probably the first vid I haven't planned ahead in time for a contest or as a dedication video :O I just had a spontaneous fit to edit after listening to it one day and it miraculously cured my vidding block.


    Programs: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 [editing], Adobe After Effects CS3 [the ribbon around Sora & Kairi] and Adobe Photoshop CS4 [the music notes, the music track and the whole section of 3:03-3:23]


    (I would advise watching that instead since the file size is so large, I think something went dodgy in the encode o__O I'll be updating with a newer encode in the next few days, as soon as I have time)

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