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  • Member: Pie Row Maniac
  • Studio: Donuts Inc.
  • Title: Sword & Sorrow
  • Premiered: 2010-02-14
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    • E.S. Posthumus Harappa
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  • Comments: This was made as my final for a Japanese Literature In Film class I took in the Fall term of 2009, at PSU. Unfortunately, the class didn't really react to the video. The only reaction I did get was one guy asking me if I had animated it myself...

    The video itself is very cut-and-dry. It attempts to summarize the events of the Kenshin OVAs (excluding Reflections), particularly the essential aspects, such as Kenshin's origin and his eventual relationship with Tomoe. When it comes down to it, the video is a story of continual loss and tragedy.

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