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  • Member: Phantasmagoriat
  • Title: The Holiday SubSwap AMV!
  • Premiered: 2009-12-25
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    • OC remix A William Wobbler Christmas
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    What is it?
    -One .mkv video file
    -Multiple subtitle tracks
    -Each track tells a different story
    [assuming you don't speak Japanese]

    How do I watch different tracks?
    -use Media Player Classic (MPC) from the CCCP, and select desired subtitle track:

    -The same video will have a different story:

    Can I make my own story?
    Yes. It's easy! no joke.

    1.Download the subtitle template I have provided here: [ 6.05kB it's really small ] "HolidaySubSwapAMV.InsertTitle.ass" with Notepad

    3.change the dialogue and save it in the same folder as "HolidaySubSwapAMV.mkv" and rename it like so:

    -now when you play the video in MPC, your new subtitles should autoload.

    Other Info.
    -if you make any subs... I encourage you to share them!
    -I might mux everything together in one .mkv file. ( *cough* if there is enough support )
    -This is where AMVers can be creative without having to do any editing!

    Local had to have hard subtitles so they would show up in preview :|
    indirect .mkv version contains 5 different storylines :o

    As always, any feedback would be appreciated.
    Merry Christmas,


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