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  • Member: tsudo
  • Title: Performanssitaide
  • Premiered: 2008-07-26
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    • Gwen Stefani What You Waiting For?
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  • Comments: Old video's nasty recycling is nasty.

    Orginally I made this video on November of 2007 as a part for my own self-parody amv. So it tells about me. During the year of 2007 my editing style started to develop and I wanted to do something that tells something about it. This was born. There are bad lip sync, pwned self-made effects (with Movie Maker!), horrible sync and so on.

    When Animecon 08 got closer, I looked at my video library. I wanted to send more than one video (Altruistinen oksymoron) but there weren't so many "good" videos. I had to edit something "new", in a week. I found this. It looked awful. Why was it awful? I laughted that everyone who has seen The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya know what quality is... wait, what!?

    Making this took about half hour or so on Movie Maker. It isn't complicated; I used only one episode, scenes move on chronologically and only part that took time was that spinning effect.

    When I started to "remake", I had some problems with framerates because Movie Maker's functions to control settings aren't the best. Because I still wanted to use Haruhi and that nice viewing session which were 23.976 fps, I were a bit f*cked up. Finally still I got both sources to Vegas and started editing. A new amv was finished after three hours. Masking... It's sad that there are a little pause in audio at the end of video. It came when I tried to create some kind of echo.

    About playback and video itself
    It is mp4/h.264/AAC. If you have problems with it, maybe the easiest way to watch it is to get VLC player.

    I find it fun that although quality should be bad, I gave up with encoding. With all nice noise and crap video's size would have been over 100 Mt.

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