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  • Member: Douggie
  • Studio: leiseus ~ s e c t i o n unCOMPRESS ~
  • Title: A Beautiful Night, my ...friend
  • Premiered: 2008-05-24
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    • The Apples in Stereo My Pretend
    • The Go Find Beautiful Night
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    This is not my typical video. Yes, there is a story to it. Yes, it involves good music (hehe). Yes, the events are lineair. But... the concept is nothing noteworthy and most of all, it's not thought out very well in comparison with my other vids.

    The reason I made this video it to experiment with this "technique" I usually don't use much. If you know me, you know what I mean. I tried using that technique for a reason everytime I used it though. Also, I was wondering how a "multi-episode" music video would work and how to connect and choose different types of music, whil keeping the main atmosphere coherent, but changing the mood and progressing the story. I don't really feel telling what the story is (like I usually do in my explanation pages), because this video is pretty simple.

    For those who have noticed, the last part has been released in the denying//CHANGE announcement thread (I actually planned Beaufitul Night to be the first 5cm vid on the .org, but I couldn't do anything interesting with it - the typography effects I had in my mind backfired). I didn't like it then, but when I was making a quick video for AnimeNorth, I thought it might be interesting to make a multi-part video with each section telling a different part of the story. That is how the idea was born.

    Ah well, maybe you like, who knows? But I doubt you will.

    Just wait for my next release.

    ...which will probably somewhere next year.

    At least you can say I finish my videos and don't spend time roto/masking silly stuff like rain! ;)

    tags: another 5cm video, girl & boy, crush, afraid to approach

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