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  • Member: WalterScott
  • Studio: Graven Image
  • Title: Record of the Time
  • Premiered: 2001-08-11
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    • Laurie Anderson From the Air
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  • Comments: This was my third video and my first using a DC30 with Premiere. My first two videos had been 'downers' so I forced myself to do a comedy next.

    Because of system problems I was having with the DC30 I had taken some defensive steps including reducing the project settings to 320x240 (MPEG-1/VCD quality). The source was actually DVD but I captured it through the card rather than ripping it, to save time. So the end result is clear and stable but not as sharp as full res DVD. I wasn't terribly worried about resolution since my all time favorite Tylor video [up until In the Navy] was Waldo's (Cartman/Come Sail Away) (video 1 in this database!!), which is very effective despite low res sources.

    I always thought that Laurie Anderson's music would be great for amv adaptation since her music pieces are themselves usually accompaniments to multimedia "performance art" shows. Her main preoccupations as an artist are a dual fascination with and terror of technology. "From the Air" is a deadpan comic take on an airplane crash, which in my mind seemed very applicable to Tylor. I don't think anyone has used her music before for an amv.

    Most of the lyrics in the song are in the voice of The Captain, corresponding to Tylor or sometimes Yamamoto. One line (uh-oh, this is going to be some day) is from the POV of Anderson herself, in the role of passenger. It seemed appropriate to give this line to Yuriko.

    I used a minimum of effects in the video since I was just starting to learn Premiere: some 2x speedups and time reversals, and some "level one" lip synch work in the first part.

    I submitted this video to Otakon 2001 and only later discovered that Joe (Maboroshi) was also submitting a Tylor video to the same con. Oops. There was also a very nice Tylor video done to Red Dwarf. Actually there were fewer Tylor videos than, say, X or Cowboy Bebop, but there was some inevitable duplication of footage.

    As it turned out there were a lot of good comedy entries this year and so this video ended up not making the cut. It was shown on overflow one Saturday night during the cosplay to a crowd of several hundred. For some reason the sound levels that evening were really low, so it was very hard to hear the lyrics. Fortunately the crowd which had been pretty rowdy to that point, actually quieted down so they could hear it, and overall I was very pleased with the reception.

    I knew it wasn't going to be one of those rolling on the floor laughing amv's but it did get a fair number of laughs and maybe a few people will be puzzled and intrigued enough to go out and buy some Laurie Anderson CDs. There's a nice 2 CD retrospective of her work that I took this song from.

    After 9/11 I found that a music video that made jokes about plane crashes was NOT FUNNY NOT FUNNY and so due to a combination of neglect and hardware failures I have no digital final version of this video! However I do have the project file and most of the MJPEG clips that I used, so at some point I could recapture the missing clips to make a distro.

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