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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: If You Still
  • Premiered: 2003-04-03
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  • Song:
    • Legend of Dragoon If You Still Believe
  • Anime:
  • Comments: *By far my favorite story-based amv, so I'm remixing this idea, with better quality clips and editing. The overall idea should remain intact, but I'm hoping for a much improved presentation. The video should be out soon, titled 'In Love' - a sweeter labeling, in my opinion.*

    I've adored this song since I first heard it at the end of Legend of Dragoon, and I've always wanted to do a songfic for it and YYH. Well, a music video is just as good. Somewhat sad, this amv is shonen ai, Kurama/Hiei, and looks at the pairing after they separate towards the end of the series. Anyone unfamiliar with the Makai arc, probably should be on the watch out for spoilers. Otherwise, it has a lot of small but pretty clips, following a slow, but sweet song.

    [The high quality versoin of this vid is currently unavailable. See my 'Forbidden' or 'Denial' vids if you like this pairing.]

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