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  • Members (23): CrackTheSky, Bauzi, CerebralAssamite, CodeZTM, Copycat_Revolver, Fall_Child42, Greggus1, Hagaren Viper, Ingow, Kaxi, Kitsuner, Kristyrat, NS, Otohiko, Rapture**, WC Annihilus, dreamawake, godix, kikai_saigono, lynit, meleechampion, omegaevolution, wurpess
  • Title: The Improv Project
  • Premiered: 2008-04-24
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  • Songs:
    • Blink 182 The Party Song
    • Boredoms Chocolate Synthesizer
    • Condemned - Criminal Origins Main Theme
    • El Mundo Chacarron Macarron
    • Erisioni-Shatilis Asulo
    • Eyes of Autumn (Distance + Time)
    • Galileo probe Data sonification from Jupiter
    • Green Day Welcome to Paradise
    • Kalasnyikov Underground
    • Kingdom Hearts 2 Sinister Sundown
    • Machinae Supremacy Sidology Episode 2
    • Makaha Sons Aia La 'O Pele
    • Mercenary 11 Dreams
    • Motion City Soundtrack My Favorite Accident
    • Motoi Sakuraba The Valedictory Elegy
    • Pokemon 2.B.A Master OST PokeRAP
    • Satoru Kousaki Hagane Kobushi Battle, Akatsuki Ganbatta
    • Simple Plan How could this Happen To Me
    • The Fall of Troy F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
    • They Might be Giants Boat of Car
    • Tocadisco Better Begin (Arno Navas Remix)
    • Tom Waits Trouble's Braids
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Here it is! After nine months of waiting and working, the Improv Project is complete. If you don't know the premise behind this project, allow me to give a brief explanation:

    28 editors, myself included, originally joined the project (some had to drop out for various reasons). I put them in a completely random order (well, mostly - I had to be last) on a list only I had access to. The idea is that editor #1 would choose a 0:40-1:30 long segment of audio and give it to me. I then gave this audio to editor #2, and that editor had a week to edit a segment to that audio, having never heard it before. When editor #2 sent me his lossless video segment, he also sent an audio segment that I gave to the next editor, and so on, until editor #1 received audio from the last editor and finished his segment.

    The entire project was basically handled through PMs. None of the editors knew who they received their audio from, or who they gave their audio to. I was the only one with access to the list at all.

    I'm happy with the way the project turned out. There are quite a few tracks in the project with very atypical audio sources, and perhaps ironically most of these tracks turned out to be the best. The project has just as many "standard" audio sources, and many of these were also done very well. In all it's a really solid MEP, in my opinion, and a lot of the tracks in here could and should be turned into full-blown AMVs (I'm looking at you, wurpess :P).

    I want to thank everyone who supported the project in any way, whether it was by joining at the start and then having to drop out later, or just saying they thought it was a cool idea and that they were excited to see how it turned out. This is my first MEP uploaded to the .org, and it was a very enjoyable experience - getting to listen to all the audio segments and then getting to see how the editors handled the audio was really cool and consistently rewarding, even though only one of the audio sources was mine. It was also pretty easy to put together, since I received each segment on a (more or less) weekly basis and there was no need to merge tracks together (each track is introduced with a title card denoting the editor, song, artist (or audio source), anime, and who gave the audio).

    To everyone involved in the project, I suggest skipping the following editor list for your first watch through so who you received your audio from and who you gave it to remains a mystery until the last second. For everyone else, here's the list:

    [00:21-01:12] omegaevolution
    [01:15-02:14] Kitsuner
    [02:17-03:07] Rapture**
    [03:10-03:56] Otohiko
    [04:00-05:05] Kaxi
    [05:08-06:17] kikai_saigono
    [06:19-07:15] Ingow
    [07:18-08:24] wurpess
    [08:27-09:38] CerebralAssamite
    [09:40-10:46] godix
    [10:48-11:46] Fall_Child42
    [11:49-12:46] CodeChrono
    [12:50-14:00] ArahinomeAMV
    [14:03-15:02] Kristyrat
    [15:04-15:53] Hagaren Viper
    [15:56-17:16] Copycat_Revolver
    [17:22-18:25] Bauzi
    [18:28-19:16] NerdStrudel
    [19:19-20:15] Greggus1
    [20:17-21:22] meleechampion
    [21:24-22:11] `Eclipse
    [22:14-23:26] WC Annihilus
    [23:30-24:39] CrackTheSky

    So thanks for participating everyone who did, and thanks for watching everyone who does! I had a blast making this and I hope you enjoy watching it!

    Special thanks go to Copycat_Revolver for making the kickass intro, and to Bauzi for putting together the awesome outro. Thanks guys!


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