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  • Member: Ashi Ruby
  • Studio: Beauty In Winter's Sleep
  • Title: Kabuto and Sakura's Mix Tape (KabuSaku)
  • Premiered: 2008-03-30
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  • Songs:
    • Daughtry It's Not Over
    • High and Mighty Color Ichirin No Hana
    • Kelly Clarkson Beautiful Disaster
    • Lennon Murphy and Travis Meeks My Beautiful
    • The Click Five Say Goodnight
    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus your guardian angel
    • Theory of a Deadman Not Meant To Be
    • Utada Hikaru Simple and Clean
  • Anime:
  • Comments: While I was going through my music list, I saw several songs that I could fit into to KabuSaku, so I chose 8 of the songs, made mini-clips to them, and combined them together into a mix. I still have a lot more, so I'll probably make another mix soon, but for now, here's this.

    Lyrics for Ichirin no Hana:

    You're no one but yourself
    (Kimi no kimi dake shika inai yo)

    Up to now, and from now on
    (Ima made mo karekara saki ni mo)

    Even if you turn everyone into your enemy
    (Tatoe kimi igai no subette no hito wo teki ni mawasu)

    When that time comes, I'll protect you with all I have
    (Toki ga kite mo kimi no koto mamori nuka kara)

    Don't lose, you single flower
    (Make naide ichirin no hana)

    All songs are listed at the end.
    Video By: AuraIchadora/AshoriBIWS/Ashi Ruby

    Feel free to check out my YouTube channel. My SN is AshoriBIWS

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