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  • Profile: Hi, my name is Ashlee, but I prefer to be called Ashori. I'm 18 years old and currently enrolled in college as a graphic design student. I started my hobby of AMV-creating in November 2007, when I created my first video Creeping In My Soul - Kabuto and Sakura. Since then, I've created at least 20 other videos, and there's still no stopping me!

    My studio/production name is Beauty In Winter's Sleep, which is taken from a photograph I took in late November. I first started using it in my third video, ItaSakuSasu - My Obsession, and it stuck ever since.

    Random facts about me:
    -KabuSaku is my absolute favorite pairing, which is why most of my videos are centered around them.
    -I love to draw, write, and I have a fun obsession with photography and music.
    -My favorite American band is Coheed and Cambria and my favorite Japanese band is HOME MADE Kazoku.
    -I love to cosplay and go to conventions. My favorite convention is Anime Central (A-Cen) and currently my cosplay is Akatsuki Sakura Haruno
    -For my videos, I use Windows Movie Maker Vista and Photoshop CS4 for any photos I may add. My hope is to one day be able to get Sony Vegas and try my luck with that.

    YouTube SN: AshoriBIWS (main), AngelAshori (secondary)
    deviantART SN: Ashori

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Naruto Shippuden (TV)
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Witch Hunter Robin
Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion (TV)
Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke

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