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  • Member: ShonenDizzyCow
  • Studio: Shonen Productions
  • Title: My Fading Voice, Your Distant Heart
  • Premiered: 2003-03-21
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    • Moulin Rouge Come What May
    • Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Come What May
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    Anime Central 2003
    Best Drama Video Award.

    My Hoshi No Koe (Voices of a Distant Star) video! It's a fantastic anime. Very Gunbuster-ish, which I also loved. I made this video shortly after watching and being very impressed by the show, and the person who almost single-handedly made it, sometime late 2002. So while I did the bulk of the basic structure in 2002, I did continue to tweak and edit it as the months rolled by and finally
    finished it on February. It's still relatively an unknown show, and even fewer videos made to it, so I think it's still a pretty fresh anime to make a vid too. A bit of a departure for me too, since all my previous AMVs were done to already famous classic anime shows (with lots of AMVs made to them already). This is virgin territory compared.

    It's definitely a romance video, being pretty true to the anime, perhaps save some parts, which I did as not to totally spoil the show, but then again, if you've watched the show, I believe you would feel that it's quite impossible to spoil this anime by it's nature. After you have watched this video, I highly encourage you to check out the anime, if you have yet to watch it - its simply amazing IMO, even if you discount it's gorgeous visuals, which should be apparent when you watch the video.

    I used the 3rd 'famous' song from Moulin Rogue. As you will see, it's interesting to see how well the song fits the story of HNK. You could say this song choice hit me by surprise. A bit of history, I didn't like this song much at all when I first watched the movie, but later it grew on me, and I realized that this song is pretty cool, especially in it's structure and fun to sing to, if that's your thing. It may be interesting to observe any parallels between the video and the story of Moulin Rogue. ^_^

    The video does contain a small number of effect shots, but this isn't an effect video, so they are all meant to be of the invisible variety, that most people will not even notice, so it's okay if you don't notice them at all.

    The video was made, by my benchmark, pretty quickly, by the first day I had filled out the entire video, by the second, I had settled on most of the basic structure, the rest of the time was spent improving scenes, especially the ending, timing tweaks, and a bunch of effects, some of which were rather new to me so it was a fun challenge. I think this video took about 40-50 hours, which
    is very good in my book for a video of this length.

    The video title took a good while to figure out, and eventually I settled for this title. The only issue with it is that it includes a comma which, forces you to remove it, if you want to burn it on a CD-R. =P Making the title and closing credits was very fun too - I liked how they turned out. ^_^

    Here is the set-up for the video, which is surprisingly similar to the premise of Hoshi No Koe itself:

    It starts with Mikako, the girl and Noburu, the dude, both 15 years old, and schoolmates. Unfortunately when Mikako was selected for a UN space expedition to investigate a crater recently left by an alien race shortly after, while he is left on earth, but they promise to keep in contact.

    As her journey becomes more perilous and more distant from earth, time-dilation comes into effect and not only does her e-mail messages sent via their phones begin to take an increasingly longer time to transit and arrive, Mikako begins to age slower than Noboru. As Noboru grows older, Mikako still stays 15. You'll see this in the video if you pay attention to the dates.

    Worse, they realize that they feel an increasing attachment for each other as they drift ever further apart in time and space.

    This is their story. Enjoy!


    Never knew I could feel like this
    Like I've never seen the sky before
    I want to vanish inside your kiss
    Every day I love more and more
    Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing
    Telling me to give you everything
    Seasons may change, winter to spring
    But I love you until the end of time

    Come what may
    Come what may
    I will love you until my dying day

    Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
    Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace

    Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste

    It all revolves around you

    And there's no mountain too high
    No river too wide
    Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side
    Storm clouds may gather
    And stars may collide
    But I love you (I love you) until the end of time

    Come what may
    Come what may
    I will love you until my dying day

    Oh, come what may, come what may
    I will love you, I will love you
    Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

    Come what may
    Come what may
    I will love you until my dying day

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