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  • Member: Bakadeshi
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: The Duck, The Prince, and the Raven - A Fairytale
  • Premiered: 2007-09-21
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Pride
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    The idea behind this one was to create a story as if being told from the pages of an old fairytale book. I used Whisper of the heart's protagonist reading the book to illustrate this, while the actual story uses Princess tutu footage with aftereffect effects to create the old page and text narration effects. I originally did this in 3 days for AWA Pro, but have since polished it up more for org release. It was finalist in 3 categories, and although It did not win any of the main categories, It was awarded Vat Guest award "Best storytelling en devour" by Vlad, who has made a few favorites of mine, so that made my day.


    The Local download version is an MKV with dual audio tracks, the main one is the instrumental I intended it to be with, with the vocal version as an extra, aswell as translated lyrics available as a secondary subtitle. The reason for this? mostly just cuz I wanted to play with it ;p the lyrics, although are fitting to the overall theme to an extent, really have no relation to the video. The MKV is encoded using h264 at 848x480 resolution. The indirect link has the lower resolution Xvid encoded avi file for those who don't have a good enough system to play the h264.

    Special thanks to Kalium and Jasper-isis for beta testing help and suggestions.

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