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  • Member: Douggie
  • Studio: leiseus ~ s e c t i o n unCOMPRESS ~
  • Title: The World is Living
  • Premiered: 2007-09-22
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    • The Magic Numbers This is a Song
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    The trailer of the movie that never existed.

    This one was done just after I saw the movie somewhere in the summer (and first premiered in AWA - but I don't think anybody noticed). I actually wanted to wait when the rush of all the Girl Who Leapt Through Time AMVs was finished, but it seems that there's always at least one on the announcement page! So deciding the rush will never end, the second-best time to release it is when Greg would be releasing his!

    The concept is pretty simple, but pretty cool I think. The story is based on the concept of a short story I was writing 5 years ago - but I never finished it though. When I saw TGWLTT, I thought the actions would be fitting for the story. I hope the mood is still fitting - I did some color corrections in order to make it not so colorful as the movie.

    I never actually saw an AMV-trailer like this: not based on trailer-music (except for Ordained from above), not with the structure of typical trailers (the zooming sentences, sound effects, etc.) and a self-made story. But if they do exist, please link them, cause I'm pretty interested!

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