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  • Member: Douggie
  • Studio: leiseus ~ s e c t i o n unCOMPRESS ~
  • Title: A Small Summer Story
  • Premiered: 2007-07-07
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    • Yasunori Mitsuda A Small Friendship
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  • Comments: The first Doraemon AMV on the .org!

    A friend of mine (Chibs) and I made an agreement to make a happy video - for a change - for the AMV-compo of this new convention, Chibicon 2007 in Holland.

    For some this might be a wierd video - as it looks like a video for 6-year old kids. In a way it is, but I still hope most people will enjoy it anyway. My intention was to make a light-hearted video about how two friends spend the summer together as kids: the fun times, the lazy times and the not-so-fun times. All the ups and downs mixed with the imagination that kids have.

    And of course it's about one of my favourite and (I think) most important topics: friendship and youth.

    Hope you will enjoy!

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