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  • Member: Emong
  • Title: The Fall of an Empire
  • Premiered: 2007-08-10
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    • Radiohead Paranoid Android
    • Radiohead Pulk/Pull Revolving Door
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    The inspiration for this video actually came immeadiately after I had seen Loveless anime. I didn't have DVD footage so I couldn't start working on it but a couple of months later. However, in two months, this video began to take shape in my mind everytime I would listen to the song. The story actually got deeper and deeper, and I though I wouldn't be able to put it proparly to my video when I'd finally start editing. However, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be ^^ Mostly I had troubles with the effects and other technical issues. I'm quite pleased with the result though, even if this video was a very experimental one for me.

    The Story
    This video has emphasis on the both aspects, the song and the anime itself. The basic theme is in the song, and that's what I tried to edit this video on throughout. Paranoid Android is a very complex song. According to the band, it was actually made of three separate songs (as you can clearly hear), so it doesn't have any "real meaning". Fans, however, came up with an interpretion that the song could be about the fall of the ancient Rome, and Radiohead adapted it as the "official interpretion" of the song. I very much worked around that concept, using "The Fall of an Empire" as a metaphore related to human relationships.

    Loveless is just wonderful for that concept! It has it everything, an alternative love story, multi-layered story-telling and human conflicts. I'm deffinitely not ONLY re-telling the story but rather semi-re-telling it with 1/3 of my own work using the Loveless footage.. If you look at it very carefully, you'll (hopefully) see that each scene has been carefully selected and put together so the mind associations would work as they should :P Hopefully I managed to create something solid and meaningful, which was my goal when making this video. How well I did that is up to you, of course.. As a side-note I should mention that if you have seen Loveless, the video will be a lot easier to interpret.

    The Effects
    The effects are just made in Sony Vegas 7 only. I was aiming for simple-but-very-effective kind of effects. My purpose was not to make them distracting, and hopefully you won't be thinking about the effects after a minute of watching or so, but rather focusing on the clips I used ^^ Some of you (a lot of you) will propably find them very repeatative though. I'm saying repeatative effects are my style, but that style doesn't seem to please that much people.. I used cookie cutter A LOT, and the circle translations and the camera-look of some clips are actually inspired by the anime itself: Ritsuka (the main character) takes a lot of pictures in it and refers to the pictures as "memories". While suffering from amnesia, memories meant a lot to him.

    Technical Notes
    This was actually my first time using AviSynth filters to clean-up the footage 0.0 I had some troubles with it, but I did the best I could, and how it was instructed on the guides. I still have A LOT to learn though, about preparing the footage, filters, compression and everything.. I hope the quality is at least decent. If it's not, then you can rightfully blame me for that ^^ I'll do better next time.. I'm actually encoding the video again in h264 at the moment I'm writing this. The first version was quite big, 90Mb, and I'll see whether I can kill that filesize a bit.. Hopefully so :/ I will upload the smaller file on the LOCAL download. (If the 90mb version turns out to be the smaller one, I seriously don't know how to make it any smaller :/) Oh yes, and I recommend VLC Media Player for watching this video.

    Special Thanks
    -Miss Sakura-san for sending me the footage, helping me out with scripts and for being my beta-tester. Seriously, I owe her ^^
    -CrackTheSky, alexial, Aeri + other beta-testers. Thanks!

    NOTE: Some people seem to think I changed the song in the middle of the video. I did NOT, however. The song "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors" was only used in the ending credits. I wasn't sure whether I should list it or not.. Sorry for the confusion ^^'

    Final Comments
    I hope you enjoy this video ^^ Because this is deffinitely one of my best ones. Actually, it's the first "real" AMV I've edited yet 0.o (thus far I've only been editing regular fanmovies + videos to Advent Children) I'm not completely happy with the result. It's not perfect, but I'm pleased :P

    Radiohead - Paranoid Android
    please could you stop the noise im tryin a get some REST?
    from all the unbornchikkenVoicesin my head?
    huh whats's that??

    when i am king you will be first against the wall
    with your opinions which are of no consequence at all
    huh whats's that??

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambition makes you look very ugly
    k ic k i n g s q u e e l i n g g u c c i l i t t le p i g g y

    "you dont remember "why dont you remember my name? off with his head. off with
    his head man. why wont he reme mber my name?"
    ""i guess he does_"

    raindownraindown come on raind down on me
    froma great height. from a graeeaa haaaeeeeii. haaaaeeeeeiiii
    rain down rain down come on rain down on me
    froma great height. from a great aaaaaaeeeeee
    raindownrain down come on rain down onme.
    froma great heightfrom a great

    ""thats it sir youre leaving" the crackle of pig skin
    the dust & the screaming the yuppies networking
    the panic the vomit
    the panic the vomit
    god loves his children god loves his children yeah!


    UPDATE: 15th November 2008

    I have my principals >_> So I wish I could take this video down but I can't. But nevermind, I can live with that.

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