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  • Members (5): kikai_saigono, CrackTheSky, JaddziaDax, Krisqo, wurpess
  • Title: [insert the most awesomest title for yeiweh's uber special birthday thingy EVAR :O here]
  • Premiered: 2007-02-03
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    • Bloodhound Gang Un Tis Un Tis
    • Chieco Kawabe Sakura Kiss
    • Fountains of Wayne Hey Julie
    • MC Hammer Can't Touch This
    • Meredith Brooks Bitch
    • Sailor Moon Memorial Music box Atasi datte hutuu no onna no ko 4
    • south park Sound Clip
    • The Nutcracker The Waltz of the Flowers
    • Vitamin C Graduation (Friends Forever)
    • Weather Girls It`s Raining Men
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  • Comments: Okies, I'll keep it short. Happy Birthday Yeiweh!!

    CrackTheSky: Yeiweh, I don't know why I did this or what it's about, but yes, that is me. As a final note, Kiki told me she wants to have hot yuri sex with joo.

    Krisqo: Plushie, Plushie, Dancing Plushie, Naked Plushie, fighting plushie, Pharaho is a plushie, now I'll just say, PIE!!!!

    Wurpess: Hey Yeiweh! You know what I have on my computer? A folder of Yu-Gi-Oh pics. Yes, a folder. That I had collected while doing graphics for you. While on the quest to try and figure out what to do for a b-day vid, I came across said folder. I was originally going to do a video that said "Look at all the pics I've accumulated doing graphics for you," but I decided to go a nicer, more productive route and used them to make you a birthday card. Besides, THE YU-GI-OH PICS WILL NOT BE USED FOR EVIL!!!!!! @.@ *ahem* Anyway, have a glomptastic birthday, and enjoy the "Dance of the Birthday Card." *hugs* *^_^*

    JaddziaDax: whoo?

    Kikai_saigono: Er.....panties? Ben's so full of himself, he had to plaster pictures of himself all over your video :/ Booooo ben....boooooo....And Katie and Camillia were the only one's who got me there segments on time. Of course...mine was the last to be finished. o.o

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