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  • Members (14): Otohiko, Bakadeshi, Coffee 54, Fall_Child42, Ileia, Kitsuner, NeoQuixotic, Ojamajo_LimePie, Stolen Soul, godix, jasper-isis, krzT, madbunny, supersayian313
  • Title: The AMV Telephone Project
  • Premiered: 2007-01-13
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  • Songs:
    • Aerosmith Dream On
    • Aerosmith Janies Got a Gun
    • Akira Yamaoka The Darkness That Lurks
    • All American Rejects Dirty Little Secret
    • Ayumi Hamasaki Kiss o' Kill
    • chumbawamba The Good Ship Lifestyle
    • exit clov Saskwatch vs. Mouse
    • Frank Zappa Uncle Meat
    • Ivan Smirnov In the Heart of a Desert
    • Korol' i Shut Bednyazhka (Poor Girl)
    • Original Audio voices
    • Paul Oakenfold Rule the Planet (remix)
    • Pilot Jazz (remix)
    • Rabaue Pizza Hut
    • Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Theme Song
    • T. Shibata & K. Hasegawa M-7 Start
    • T. Shibata & K. Hasegawa Mission Start
    • Takayuki Negishi Huh?
    • The Beatles Do You Want To Know A Secret?
    • The Seatbelts Call Me Call Me
    • Toshiro Masuda Treachery
    • Trapt Stand Up
    • Vanilla Ninja Rock Stars
    • Voltaire Brains
    • Weird Al Yankovic Eat it
    • Weird Al Yankovic Headline News
    • Yasunori Mitsuda Quitting the Body
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  • Comments: *******

    The AMV Telephone Project is the result of a game played by AMV editors between May and December of 2006. It is based on Pictionary Telephone, a version of the classic "game of telephone", the one where people whisper to each other and pass a phrase down a line of people - hopefully messing it up as much as possible along the way !

    How it works:
    1) Someone writes a random AMV-able title
    2) Another person makes an AMV based on this title
    3) This AMV is watched by another person (that does not know the previous title), who then writes another title for that AMV
    4) Based on this new title, someone else (that does not know the previous title or video) makes an AMV
    5) Repeat steps 3) and 4) ad nauseum
    6) Compile the tracks together into a single video and release!

    Keep in mind the structure of this game as you watch it.


    The Telephone Project is both a spiritual and practical successor to Allegretto Productions' EPYC (Eat Poop You Cat) video from 2005, which was based on an even older idea by jasper-isis. With 14 editors and 18 tracks (EPYC had 2 editors and 6 tracks respectively), it is in many ways the true realization of the whole idea's potential.

    The really neat thing about this project is that while being a game with very structured rules, it has very little in the way of creative limits on the editor. The result is that the editors may twist their given themes as much as they'd like, and have to focus on creative aspects of editing (i.e. doing what they can to realize the concept/title). And since there is no limits (besides content rules*) on their sources or editing styles (which are present in other MEPs), there is a huge variety of resulting AMVs. Action, Comedy, Romance, Horror, um... Other - this project covers it all.

    (* - the project even allowed an exception to these; for example as long as most of the resulting video was anime, some tracks could -- and did -- use non-anime footage)

    Work on the project continued for over eight months, however it should be kept in mind that each individual part has been done in much shorter time - usually an editor had a week to complete a track. As a result, there is generally little focus on high-complexity editing, and none of the 18 tracks contain what one would call digital effects. The tracks are, however, all well-edited, and care has been taken to ensure that they look and sound as best they can in the project.

    As with any MEP, there have been snags. People would miss deadlines, submit tracks with technical errors, lose and be forced to re-make tracks... in one instance a track was never finished at all - and since a title based on an early preview of it was already passed on to other editors, we essentially had to insert a replacement track for the sake of being able to present a final project video that didn't have any gaps or lapses in it. In general, there has been a lot of improvisation in this project - creative and otherwise. Both with individual tracks and the project as a whole, it was always about finding creative ways to work out a concept.

    So, in the end we have this video. While I'm sure to those who hadn't participated in the project or followed its progress it really doesn't mean the same thing, hopefully it's still an enjoyable AMV. It's not too short, nor too long; same can be said for the tracks themselves which are around 1 minute long on average - meaning there's enough time to relate an idea, but not long enough to make it redundant. Most importantly, there's a huge variety of styles and genres, and even consecutive tracks can be completely different. Sure it might not be as funny as an all-comedy project or as scary as an all-horror project, or as... instrumental as an all-instrumental project - but what it does have is more variety than possible in any other project.

    Anyways, all this goes to say - enjoy!


    March 10, 1876
    Alexander Graham Bell successfully tests a telephone.

    August 9, 2003
    jasper-isis of Allegretto Productions proposes the idea of AMV Telephone. Hardly any reaction; no project results. The concept itself, however, survives...

    March 2004
    Jasper joins the Animasia project, gaining valuable experience with Multi-Editor Projects (MEP). Here she also meets editors like Bakadeshi and Otohiko who would participate in a number of other projects with her later (including EPYC and Telephone).
    (In 2005, Jasper actually took over management of Animasia to rescue it from the brink of death!)

    April 2005
    Allegretto Productions (jasper-isis and krzT) begin implementing the AMV Telephone concept as an in-studio project called EPYC (Eat Poop You Cat).

    May 2005
    Jasper asks Otohiko to write a title for use in EPYC. Otohiko is intrigued.

    October 16, 2005
    After delays, EPYC is finally released by Allegretto Productions. Responses are positive; there seems to be interest in extending the idea to an MEP. However, while over the following several months there is occasional talk of organizing an MEP, nothing results.

    March 2006
    Otohiko secretly decides to organize a Telephone MEP. He begins planning and approaches people for consultation, including Orwell, Bakadeshi and madbunny. Idea is kept secret from Allegretto Productions until a set date...

    April 2006
    Otohiko unveils the idea to Jasper on her birthday. Jasper is intrigued.

    April 18, 2006
    Telephone MEP thread is started on the forums; project is open for entries. There is definite interest and a solid number of people join up.

    May 1, 2006
    After a two-week organizational period, the Telephone Project begins, with a track by Otohiko based on a title chosen by Jasper.

    May-June 2006
    Project in progress and running smoothly. Tracks are being made on schedule.

    July-August 2006
    Otohiko leaves to Russia. Jasper temporarily managing the project; everything is running smoothly and further tracks are made on schedule.

    September 2006
    Otohiko returns. Project stalls due to participants dropping out and various technical and non-technical delays.

    October 10, 2006
    Otohiko announces a new project schedule with a deadline of January 15th. Several more tracks are open for editors.

    November-December 2006
    Project continues on a somewhat more relaxed schedule.

    January 2007
    All tracks are complete. Otohiko and Jasper work on completing transitions, credits and an introduction for the project, as well as ironing out a variety of technical issues with existing tracks.

    January 15, 2007
    AMV Telephone Project is released.


    Original Concept

    Based on "EPYC" by:
    Allegretto Productions (jasper-isis and krzT)

    Project Coordinator

    Assistant Coordinator

    Otohiko, jasper-isis, krzT, madbunny, Coffee 54, godix, Kitsuner, Bakadeshi, anubisx00, Fall_Child42, Stolen Soul, Ojamajo_LimePie, Ileia, supersaiyan313

    Titles by:
    jasper-isis, Orwell, downwithpants, Tsunami Jones, madbunny, krzT, Kitsuner, Bakadeshi, anubisx00, Fall_Child42, Coffee 54, Kalium


    Transitions, Credits

    Video Filtering, Audio Adjustment

    Compiling, Compression

    Planning/Testing/Other Assistance
    Orwell, madbunny, Bakadeshi, godix, krzT

    Internal Hosting
    Bakadeshi, Ileia,

    Extra Feature Track

    Ultra Director
    Suzumiya Haruhi

    Incomplete/Omitted Tracks by:
    madbunny, inthesto, Zaphod Beeblebrox, ReXMaster

    Video Description


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