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  • Member: HorrorPhD
  • Studio: Dr. Raven Productions
  • Title: Erosion
  • Premiered: 2006-08-20
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    • Johnny Cash Hurt
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  • Comments: ***BEST DRAMA - ONI-CON 2006***

    This video was a project I had started right after I made my first video last year. It was a Vicious character profile that got scrapped because I was never quite happy with it. Then, earlier this year, I took a look at it again and listened to the song a few more times and decided it was worth another try...only this time, I took it in a slightly different direction. Instead of a straight up Character Profile, I decided to focus it more on Vicious' relationship with Gren and vice versa.

    The challenge was, of course, having enough footage to retell the story without just repeating the 2 episodes of the series, while at the same time, making it a video worth someone's attention. In the end, I'm happy with what I managed to accomplish in this regard.

    So's a Bebop video...without Spike. Or Faye. Or Jet. Or even Ed & Ein... O.O

    If you're feeling brave, have a look and please enjoy.

    Oh yeah...and it *does* have a bit of the shounen-ai feel to it...(so much so that when I asked my beta viewers for title suggestions, one of them suggested titles such as "Man Love" and "Way of the Spartans"... o.O) so if you're uncomfortable with that sort of thing, you've been warned.

    Special thanks to my beta testers:
    JubJub2 - who also came up with the rawk! :D
    Eva-Fan - who gets mega huge glomps for helping with the encoding frustrations I had as well...
    JudgeHolden - who offered great suggestions...and who I blame for reintroducing me to the song...

    And all the others that I'm probably forgetting to mention cuz it's been a while since I finished this...but you all know who you are and I lub u. :P

    So, all that said...the technical stuff...if you have problems with playback, please let me know by PM or email. VLC plays this like a dream, as does most anything...but I did have one of my testers tell me that it gave QuickTime a bit of meh - use VLC for maximum enjoyment. :D

    Constructive comments are always welcome. No flames, please. Mmmmm k?

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