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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Sleepless
  • Premiered: 2006-09-18
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    • AFI Prelude 12/21
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  • Comments: SPOILER ALERT!!!
    This video contains spoilers up to chapter 127 of the Tsubasa RC manga. If you don't know what happens between chapters 121 - 126, you shouldn't watch this video.

    That said, this video is Fay-centric, spoiler-heavy, and has a strong dose of KuroFay-ness to it. If you don't consider that a canon pairing after chapter 126, then this video might strike you more as an angsty character profile than a shounen ai romance vid. Depends on how you take it. Me, I think they're as canon as a Clamp pairing can get at this point. ;p

    This video combines manga and anime, with some...quirky editing to keep the manga from looking stationary. It may be slightly epileptic. Fair warning, but no appologies.

    Editing: PhotoImpression4, Premiere 6.0, VirtualdubMod.
    This is an xvid encode, so if you have trouble playing it, check the "how to play those vids" guide or email me - and I'll set you up.

    -sidenote: I really wanted to wait before making a TRC vid, but it looks like the manga is going to follow Sakura around for a few months, the anime just launched into another filler arc, and I got impatient. I'm obsessed with this arc of the manga. I can't tell if I love Kurogane or hate him after this, but my adoration for Fay is off the charts now. Fangirl. Totally.

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