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  • Member: gokufievel
  • Studio: Neon Nebula Studios
  • Title: Undimmed By Anime Tears
  • Premiered: 2005-03-17
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    • Sailor Moon - US version My Only love
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    The name of this AMV is called "UNDIMMED BY ANIME TEARS" from the "America" song "Undimmed by Human Tears"

    Today is the 5th Anniversay of September 11th. Athough the event didn't kill anyone I personally know it did effect me in many ways emotionally. I don't know why but it just did, the fact that America came under attack on it's own soil hit me a little too close to home even though I live out west.

    This is my LONG LOST AMV...that was almost NEVER SHOWN!

    I made this AMV in September of 2002 to make myself feel better. I saw some other 9/11-Anime AMVs which I didn't think were very good or sympathetic, which modivated me to make one of my own. Again around the time I finally saw the final season of Sailor Moon Ideas popped into my head.

    On 9/11 my father woke me up and screamed "Aaron, wake up you've got to record this (on the VCR) America's UNDER ATTACK!" I thought he was making this up he usually does exaggerate stuff like this, but low and behold there it was, it was one of the few times in my life I saw my mother cry when the towers collapsed.

    A few weeks later my first girlfriend who was a HUGE SAILOR MOON FAN saw that I was really depressed, so to cheer me up over 9/11 she gave me her Sailor Moon CD to in which I listened in my car. It's funny, I didn't cry on 9/11 because I was still too shocked and still absorbing it. However a few weeks later I did finally start to cry while I was listening to this Sailor Moon Song: "MY ONLY LOVE"

    This Sailor Moon song takes place when Serena (Usagi-Chan) and Darien (Mamo-Chan) finally discover eachothers identities, Sailor Moon discoveres she's the princess, and Darien is severly injured and dying.

    The lyrics to this song are STUNNING at how the words, coincide with how we felt at the aftermath of 9/11 remembering the victims and the dead. "Even though you're gone, love will still live on...the feeling is so strong, my only love" "You've reached the deepest part, of the secret in my heart, I've known it from the start"

    This AMV is not limited to Sailor Moon as it becomes apparent I include: DBZ, KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne, Evangelion, and Ranma 1/2. I edited mostly the crying scenes from all of the Anime and spliced them with real images of 9/11. For the record MOST of this AMV is still Anime, but contains many images of 9/11.

    I want to appologize ahead of time if anyone thinks this TOO OFFENSIVE, either to the victims, or political reasons. (There's a brief quote from Pres. Bush in here, I know everyone hates him right now but I had to throw it in there) I tried to show this AMV as early as 2002 or 2003. But I chickened out feeling it was too offensive. I think I tried to send it to an Anime Con in New York but I believe they said they couldn't show it.

    I showed this AMV to PRIVATE screenings by my desk at Anime Oasis in 2004, however again only about a dozen people saw it. My relatives thought this AMV was really well done, even others who saw it were awed by it. However when I finally had the guts to show it at the 2005 Anime Oasis AMV Contest it got mixed results. At the time I got applause and even people who served the military complemented me. However a year later many others said they were really offended by it and made sure I wouldn't show it again. So I stopped.

    As of this moment this is my last AMV being submitted to Anime Music until I make new ones. This was only my 3rd AMV but I've waited 4 YEARS to finally show this to you.

    The first 2 minutes are the most brutal, scenes from the attacks and images of various anime characters reactions as if they were standing right there in New York. The second half of the AMV with the song again are various images of Anime characters crying and reacting to everything.

    At long last this AMV will no longer be hidden in an archive somewhere, here it is at last on this day. 9/11/06.

    Please leave feedback if necessary.


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