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  • Title: Dedicated To Sailor Earth's MEP
  • Premiered: 2006-09-09
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • 50 cent Candy Shop
    • American HiFi A Bigger Mood
    • Arrogant Worms I Am Cow
    • Blizzard Entertainment 2005 Christmas Special
    • Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On
    • Chip Skylark My Shiny Teeth and Me
    • Chubby Checker Whole Lotta' Lovin
    • Don Davis Navras
    • Eminem without me
    • Jack Pitman Blue Muu Muu
    • Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On
    • Megumi Hayashibara Exit Running remix
    • Mindless Self Indulgence Faggot
    • Mindless Self Indulgence Masterbates
    • Moldy Peaches Little Bunny Foo Foo
    • Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    • Niq Made of Beef
    • Original Audio voices
    • Planet asia G's and soilders
    • PT Grimm Dead Puppies (Aren't Much Fun)
    • Rappy McRapster Fanny Pack
    • Richard Cheese Chop Suey
    • Sailor Moon Tiara Action
    • smile dk butterfly
    • Southpark i'm SUper
    • spankox to the club
    • Static-X Anything But This
    • The Living End Who's Gonna Save Us
    • The Temptations My Girl
    • Tom Petty Freefalling
    • Vangelis Chariots of Fire
    • Venetian Snares Unborn Baby
    • Vitamin C Vacation
    • Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory Oompa Loompa Song
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hey you. Yeah, you. The no name moron reading this. Have you ever looked around and realized that in AMVs there is a cool crowd and a total fucking nerd crowd and NEITHER of them want anything to do with you? Tired of living your lonely life sitting by the phone on friday night hoping someone will call you. Even if it is just a telemarketer? Well here's your chance to be one of the cool kids. Give this video an all 10 op just to show how fucked up the opinion system is. All the in-crowd are doing it. You wanna be a loser twit forever? Didn't think so. Looking forward to your op.


    Ok, this is the video description. I should type something here I guess. I don't want to but the 'enter a video form' has a large white space to type comments so type comments is what I should do. I guess. Because of course I'm well known for following rules and doing what I should and shit.

    So this all started off when Sailor Earth started a MEP. I won't go into details of it here. I'm having enough problems describing mine so fuck it, I ain't describing hers. It has it's own video entry, let Sailor Earth describe her own damned MEP. Anyway, in the end I thought her MEP was dead and I didn't want the org to loose all the fine quality videos submitted to it. Besides, the org system is meant to catalog every video ever made no matter how fucking horrible it is. Which explains why Naruto and DBZ top the most used list. Can't get more fucking horrible than that can you? Well, at least you can't without involving tentacle skullfucking rape of loli's with herpes and on their period. Speaking of tentacle rape, this is one of the funniest tentacle rape picture I have seen in my entire damned life. And as Decoy will be sure to tell you, that's quite a long time indeed. Because Decoy's a fucking bastard like that. The prick is just jelous that he'll be dead and rotting from AIDS before he reached my age. And I'm waiting eagerly for that day because once he kicks it I'm selling his ass to every necrophiliac between South Africa and here. Cause you gotta have plans to provide for your retirement ya know. Actually, now that I think about it, the skullfucking loli on a period thingie would make a pretty amusing video. I think I just came up with an idea for my next project. Excuse me while I go write that shit down.

    Ok. Where was I. Oh yeah, the video description. Seems to be rolling right along so far. I've just realized that I talked about tentacle skullfucking rape, Decoy, and Sailor Earth (not all at the same time mind you, although that gives me another idea. Excuse me while I go expand on what I wrote down) but not the video itself. The basic idea of the MEP is to suck. Creatively suck, humorouslly suck, but still suck. So, basically, this is just like 99% of the other videos on the org. But longer. And with worse video quality (sorry about that, you try getting a 16+ gig file into under 200 meg). And suck we did. A few of the editors involved have shown some spark of talent, skill, and quality. Not in this MEP mind you but in shit they did before. And I'm sure we'll see lots of quality videos from everyone involved in the future if for no other reason than the editors will want to get rid of the taint this thing leaves on their editing career.

    Oh, excuse me, my wife is horny. At my age I gotta get some when I can. I've all but given up getting some hot little 18 year old fangirl for my pleasure by now. At least without using chloroform. Unless perhaps there's some kind volunteer amoung the org community? Didn't think so. I'll come back to this later.

    (1 minute 32 seconds later)

    Ok, that was good. I'm happy now. It was the best sex we've had since we got married. Actually, I think it was the only sex we've had since we got married. Great, now I'm starting to depress myself. Back to babbling about the video I guess. There is one case where a previously released video is used. The editor knows I was going to use it and didn't complain. Who knows if that'll still be true after he sees what I did. There are several videos that are blatent parodies/rip offs of previous videos. The editors of those have no idea I was going to do it. I figured it's easier to do what I want and hope they don't notice than to get permission. I mean really, if I asked "Hey, you mind if I turn your insanely popular video into a joke about fucking animals?" those segements would never get done. So yeah, the only blatent video theft was done with permission but all the idea thefts weren't. Which is fine, the org never seems to mind when someone rips off anothers idea. That's why we have so damned many AMV Hell like things around and this is yet another.

    If you want to know what anime a segments is, what song it is, or who did it then I suggest you glance at the video/audio source list. Those lists are all I intend to say about what source is in this. And it looks like I filled up the white space in the video description field. I don't know if I described the video or not but then again, I don't care either. I'm done.

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