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  • Members (7): requiett, Decoy, Nostromo_vx, Tseng808, Tyler_yj, Warheart, dcdeveloperx
  • Title: Alternate Dimensions
  • Premiered: 2006-08-24
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  • Songs:
    • Yoko Kanno Inner Universe [DJ Jinnai Remix]
    • Yoko Kanno Lithium Flower
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  • Comments: Conceptually and strucurally, this is unlike any MEP you've seen before. It really bothered me that you only see an editor's segment once, and then it doesn't have any real sense of closure. This project is the culmination of the idea that editors should have more uniform exposure in these kinds of videos. Basically, it's a non-stop showcase of over-the-top editing and effects. If Jerry Bruckheimer made AMVs, it'd probably look something like this.

    The definition of the title is revealed in the climax of the video whereupon the screen is split and two editors' segments are displayed simultaneouly just to fuck with your sense of equilibrium [whether it be for good or bad]. So if you want to give your retinas a painful 8 minute workout, quit wasting time reading this shit.

    There are two versions available. If you have the CPU power and the ability to play MP4s, I'd recommend downloading the local version. It's smaller in filesize, and superior in quality.

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