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  • Member: gokufievel
  • Title: The Real Reason Why Trunks Came Back From the Future
  • Premiered: 2006-03-17
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    • Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme
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  • Comments: Ahh...I've been meaning to make this AMV for a long time so I made it over night before the Anime Oasis Convention V. My brother really loved the TV Show "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

    This AMV is dedicated to the VOICE ACTOR who played Trunks in the English version of DragonBall Z Alistar Abell. Whom I got to meet at Anime Oasis V. He was super nice to talk to me, let along tolorate me. He was even nice enough to watch this AMV with me.

    How many people can say that the first person who viewed their AMV was the actual voice actor himself? I previewed the AMV to him personally at the con. He thought it was pretty funny, he REALLY LIKED my other AMV Mortal Kombat Anime Annihilation. Alistar Abell and esspecially Michael Coleman, and Vic Mignogla were super nice to all of the fans at the conventions.

    Anyway I made this out of pure fun, I first thought of this AMV in the shower many years ago but finally put it together this year.

    I also FINALLY updatted it digitally. In a way this is my very LAST AMV using SVHS technology, but it's half and half.

    This AMV is primarily based on the DragonBall Z Movie, "The History of Trunks" about how he had to fight the Androids alone before coming back in time to warn Goku and the others.

    Anyway just DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY! And for pete's sakes please remember to LEAVE FEEDBACK! You may need DIVX to view.

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