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  • Member: Gene Starwind 21122
  • Studio: Full Metal Outlaws
  • Title: Want to Forget: A Painful Day (Iron Chief AMV Gene Starwind 21122 vs. Killerwogcorp)
  • Premiered: 2006-07-15
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  • Song:
    • System of a Down Lonely Day
  • Anime:
  • Comments: The reason for making this amv here was to get me use to the idea of editing an Iron Chief AMV in 3 hours. I'm trying to prepare myself for Anime USA this year so I figure I would practice against one of my productions members. The song we used was Lonely Day by System of a Down. In this contest we could use any anime we wanted but had to get at least 1:30 done. I only finished 1:18, but killerwog decided that was good enough for my first try. So the idea behind the amv was to show how InuYasha and Kenshin have a similar pain that they both feel. Kenshin with losing his mother and then becoming a man slayer and InuYasha losing Kikyou. Basic concept behind it was to show some of the most depressing days in those anime characters life. I like the idea behind the video and may go about completing it in the future. However I would also remaster the beginning a little more too. Thanks goes out to killerwog for letting me compete against him and our 5 judges. (Scoob, TonoFyr, Jaddziadax, senshimamrou, shinodude)

    The final result was

    Gene Starwind 21122 - 4 votes
    killerwogcorp - 1 vote

    Winner : Me

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