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  • Member: WalterScott
  • Studio: Graven Image
  • Title: kinocycle
  • Premiered: 2006-07-08
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  • Song:
    • Radiohead Street Spirit (Fade Out)
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  • Comments: Best Dramatic Video award, AWA Expo 2006
    Runner up in Drama, Animethon AMV contest, 2006
    ...and dwchang likes it so what are you waiting for :-)

    I almost feel like apologizing for this one. It's - guess what! - a depressing, angsty character study of the main character from Kino's Journey, set to an appropriately depressing, angsty (but awesome) Radiohead song, Street Spirit.

    For those who don't know the video source, the basic premise is a kind of Swiftian satire in which a traveller, the girl Kino, goes from one town to another on her motorcycle, never staying for more than three days. This is a good thing, because each town is quite insane in its own special way, and she often barely escapes with her life. Sometimes she leaves just when an attachment to a local is threatening to get too... personal.

    The town Kino grew up in is particularly charming, in that all residents were given a special operation to essentially make them conformistic sociopaths - able to obey any orders and even murder with a cheerful smile. Kino decides to refuse the operation and... well, you'll see in the video.

    Oh, and the motorcycle talks. Or at least Kino thinks it does.

    The damn video took me about two years from start to finish, namely because it was so depressing that I couldn't work on it for more than a bit at a time!

    Nevertheless, I felt compelled to finish and release it because

    a) Hardly anyone does Kino amv's even though it was a cool show and the complete set (13 episodes) is now insanely cheap

    b) There's not many amv's to Radiohead and this is a great, older song of theirs

    c) My teenage daughter likes angsty videos (perhaps especially those featuring evil parents)

    d) The EVIL SEED OF DARKNESS egged me on.

    Go on, give it a try! Heh heh heh....

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