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  • Member: Dymatrex
  • Title: Final Fantasy VII - The Last Stand
  • Premiered: 2006-06-22
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    • X-Men Movie Trailer
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  • Comments: Ahh, been a while since I made a new AMV.

    Well, this is one AMV I've planned to make for over a month, and since I got my computer back yesterday, I wasted no time going through with my plans. Six hours with many edits on Windows Media Maker and this AMV, being the first of many trailer AMV's to come, was produced. I'm very proud with the result.

    The trailer audio is from the X-Men - The Last Stand second trailer. The video footage is from Advent Children. Somehow, I got all of this to work fluidly in this AMV.

    Here's the cast in the trailer:

    Wolverine - Cloud Strife
    Storm - Tifa Lockheart
    Magento - Kadaj
    Professor Charles Xavier - Rufus Shinra
    Beast - Reno
    Angel - Vincent Valentine
    Iceman - Denzel
    Mystique - Yazoo
    Jean Grey - Aeris Gainsborough

    I can't remember the character that I had Marlene do the voice for, but I do remember she played somewhat of a vital role in the film.

    Anyway, enjoy my first trailer AMV, spoiler free of both X3 and AC!!!

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