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  • Profile: Not much to say, 'cept I love Anime and Video Games, and now that I have the products to actually make AMV's, I can finally do something that will take up all this free time I've had recently. I'm always open to suggestions for AMV's and collaborative ideas too with another user, so e-mail me if you want to work with me, or suggest something I can do for an AMV if you really like my stuff.

    I'm sorry I haven't been around or making any new AMV's as of late. College and Cosplay has taken away practically 98% of my free time recently. So, I'll still make AMV's now and then, but don't expect to see that many from me in the future.

    Also, I've given up on Adobe Premiere. Windows Media Maker will always be my AMV makin' baby. Until I find a program that suits my needs and doesn't crash every five minutes and such, my AMV's will continue to be made in WMM.


    As of the release of The Gurren Knight, Adobe Premiere Elements has warmed up to me and I've gotten the hang of it in the process of making TGK, so it's quite possible that any future AMV's that come after The Gurren Knight will be done in Adobe Premiere Elements. Only time will tell.

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