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  • Member: Brad
  • Title: On My Earth
  • Premiered: 2006-05-05
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    • Saosin I Can Tell There Was An Accident Here Earlier
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  • Comments: Gonna keep this profile not-so-detailed, because frankly, I really doubt that anybody truly goes through the process of reading through all of these (I know I don't).

    The origin of this video dates back to around September of 2005. I was bored on night and decided to challenge Burntoast (Danny Jun) to an impromptu Iron Chef match. We didn't want to do anything formal, just something for fun. So we each picked our own sources (I of course picked Akira) and Danny picked Appleseed. We asked several people to hook us up with a song to edit to, but everybody was coming up short. So I decided "Screw it, I'll pick a song." So I ended up picking "I can Tell There Was An Accident Here Earlier" by Saosin. We edited, I won, that was that. My 2 hour edit time resulted in a 1:05 video that quite frankly I was pretty happy with it (the first 1:05 of the finished video is only a slightly altered version of the original). But, AWA was coming up, I was working on various things, so I put it to bed.

    Fast-forward to April 2006. I had flip-flopped my Anime Central AMV idea about 3 times, and on all of them, I never got around to starting any ACTUAL work on them. Something else would always come up and I would lose my motivation. So there I was, about 3 days until the deadline, and no video. That night, I was at work and I went on break and sat in my car to eat my dinner and listen to music, when coincidentally enough, that song came up on an old mix CD I had burned. Listening to it again gave me the idea to go back and finish the video for ACen. And this is how it all came to be.

    The Video
    As I explained before, the first 1:05 was gone all in 2 hours, and thusly, it lacks any kind of real focus. I was going for action synch and wasn't really trying to tell any kind of cohesive story, since this was just a fun random Iron Chef video. Well, when it comes to me, I can't really edit like that if I'm taking it seriously enough for a con entry. So I decided that I needed to have some kind of concept for the remainder of the video. So, it ended up turning into a Tetsuo profile video (which should be fairly obvious after watching it). I do recognize that have the first minute or so being so different from the rest kind of throws off the mood/flow, but quite honestly, it wasn't important enough for me to go back and completely redo the whole thing from scratch. This is really my only major qualm with the video, but hopefully it will be something that isn't too distracting to viewers.

    This is my first real "full" action video. I've certainly done action'y editing before, but never for a full video, so I was relatively pleased by the final outcome. One thing that ended up being a negative result from the process is that, I really don't enjoy the song too much anymore. There was a point while I was editing at around the 2:45 mark that I was completely tired of the angsty'ness of it all. Though I've sent the video to several people and have gotten several positive comments about the song so hey, if people like it, right on.

    There really isn't too much to be said about the effects in the video. I personally don't think I over-did or under-did anything effects'wise. For me, it all seemed to flow fairly well without becoming distracting or just plain stupid.

    Overall, I just wanted to make a solid action video with at least some feeling and resemblence of a story. Hopefully the Tetsuo character profile angle worked :)

    Total Editing Time: 12 hours
    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6.5, Adobe Photoshop CS, Flash 8
    Machine Specs: Athlon 64 3500+, 1gb RAM, 450gb HD, ATI Radeon 9800 Video Card, 17" LCD Monitor

    Special Thanks
    - Burntoast (Danny Jun): For doing the original Iron Chef with me, thusly resulting in this final video
    - VegettoEX (Mike LaBrie): For being the main guy who encouraged me to finish the video in the first place.
    - Rozard (Brian Nickerson): For hooking me up with some handy dandy filters
    - Everybody who beta tested (I sent betas to many people and I don't remember every single one, so rather than try and list people and risk forgetting somebody, I will list nobody!)

    Contest Participation
    As of May 19th, 2006, I have submitted this video to Anime Central, Japan Expo, and AnimeNext. I do not plan to submit it anywhere else, and as of the time they were submitted, the video had not won any awards.

    Convention: AnimeNext 2006 - Best Action

    P.S. The title has a cryptic origin. Can anybody figure it out?

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