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  • Member: Gene Starwind 21122
  • Studio: Full Metal Outlaws
  • Title: Sending Freedom
  • Premiered: 2006-06-16
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    • Masterplan Heroes
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  • Comments: Well after 6 months of working on this amv I finally completed it. This is the longest I've ever spent on an amv. Finally after some time I managed to find a place that would order cds if they did not have them in stock. I was on the search for the first album of Master Plan the one that had "Spirit Never Dies" on it. I went out and Borders only had the second self entitled album so I bought that one and found a song called "Wounds" but I still wanted to hear the rest of the first self entitled album with "Spirit Never Dies". So I did a special order got the cd and listen to it. Between the two albums there were alot of songs to choose from. I finally ended up choosing "Heroes" off the album where "Spirit Never Dies" came from. "Heroes" struck me as a song that had to be done. It was one of those amv's where you had the scenes already forming in your head and knew that it would be possible to make it work right from the start. I started to plan the video back in October of 2005 while I was finishing up Outlaws Don't Stop (Remake).

    This amv finally let me have the chance to use multiple animes for once or at least a song I knew would look good with multiple animes. This is my first multi-anime amv since my first amv The Ultimate Sacrifice back in October of 2002. Once again in this amv I did work with photoshop some more. In Adobe I used a pulsing effect. The main thing to this amv was the lyrical sync, the emotion, the pacing of the amv to the music and the timing to the instruments. In this amv you'll see that it goes from Sci-Fiction animes to a more Mid-Evil time frame animes and vice versa. When I make the switch from Sci-Fi animes to Mid-Evil animes I use S-cryed to relate to InuYasha. When you watch the amv Kazuma and InuYasha either have similar expressions when I transition into them or are similar actions. Then during the last verse I figured to change it up and have all the animes mixed in there towards the end in no real particular order, but still keeping it balance. Then on the final instrumental it goes back to the pattern of SicFi to Mid-Evil.

    After a while the photoshop work became easier as I worked on the video. It was easier then when I originally worked on Outlaws Don't Stop. This amv here will not be released until June 18th maybe later.

    I would like to thank all of my Beta Testers. Here they are in no particular order:

    Sierra Lorna
    ANTDrakko (for teaching me how to use Photoshop originally)

    I know there are more and I'll update as I remember them. If I forgot your name I'm sorry. Thankyou to everybody who have been helping me out over the past 6 months with making recommendations.

    Lyrics for "Heroes"

    Are we caught between good and bad
    It's all just said and done
    Longing for a better way
    The feeling is so strong

    Try to mend your broken ways
    Why should we live within a haze

    We're the heroes of a new world
    Masterplan's rising
    Send freedom all over the globe

    Willing now to pay the price
    Just call it by the name
    Unlock the gate to paradise
    It's time to stop the game

    How can we fly with broken wings
    Realize we're strong like kings

    We're the heroes of a new world
    Masterplan's rising and dreams will come true
    Sending freedom - like a warming rain
    We show you the magic you've never seen arise - above you

    We must cast aside our misery
    Let's search for final liberty

    We're the heroes of a new world
    Masterplan's rising and dreams will come true
    Sending freedom - like a warming rain
    We show you the magic you've never seen arise - above you

    I hope you guys enjoy the video. I have had a great time working on it and now it is time to move on to the next amv.

    Gene Starwind 21122

    UPDATE : WINNER OF "BEST OF SHOW" at Anime Festival Orlando 7.
    WINNER OF "BEST ACTION" at Aniventure
    WINNER OF "BEST TECHNICAL" at The Reactor's Visual Overload Music Video Contest
    FINALIST at Connecticon 2006
    FINALIST at Animethon 2006
    FINALIST at Bakuretsucon 2006
    FINALIST at Sugoicon 2006
    FINALIST at Anime USA 2006
    FINALIST at Ohayocon 2007
    FINALIST at Youmacon 2014

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