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  • Member: Dexsting
  • Studio: Indemnikuck Productions
  • Title: Paperback Writer
  • Premiered: 2001-06-01
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    • Beatles Paperback Writer
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  • Comments: This is my fourth video, Finally I masterd lip-sync for this vid. The scenes fit the lyrics well, and I think I did a good job merging them together. I almost ran out of footage of Kinatro writing in his book by the end, but just barely made it :).

    Check it out, It's a Golden Boy Video like you've never seen before, about Kintaro being an author with no "bad" scenes included.

    I feel this and my Belldandy Road music vid are my 2 best.

    Some have commented on both of my goldenboy vids footage (not just in the opinions but elsewhere as well). The footage is decent, riped strait from retail VHS, although its not DVD Uber quality footage like people seem to be getting spoiled into expecting.

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