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  • Member: Pie Row Maniac
  • Studio: Donuts Inc.
  • Title: The Lifestream Epics
  • Premiered: 2006-03-17
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  • Songs:
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Fahrenheit
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Imperativa
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Lacrimosa
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Liberation!
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Spiritus Electros
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  • Comments: ***IMPORTANT NOTICE***

    On Tuesday, June 6th 2006,
    I received an email from Yoav Goren of Immediate Music. He has asked me to remove the video from this and any other sites to avoid further action. While he understands it is a non-for-profit production, illegal downloading and unlicensed synchronization of their music is looked down upon by their company.

    I responded to his email saying that I would comply and take down the video. The mass distribution of this video is now cancelled, no longer to be hosted online. Sorry to all those who wanted to see it, but this is the risk AMV creators take with our work. If any of you still wish to see The Lifestream Epics, contact me and I can arrange a private session.

    A seven-minute video Final Fantasy VII trilogy. It begins by going over the events that occured many a year ago in the Playstation game, then back in time to the story of Nibelheim, as well the lab escape of Zack and Cloud. Finally, it ends with Advent Children's story. The primary idea of Epics is to simply entertain everyone with fun-to-watch action and drops of emotion to fill in the cracks.

    The origin of this actually dates back to November last year. I had rented Advent Children from a store that carries bootleg DVDs (scandalous!) and had my appetite for fighting, flying pixels filled. The desire to churn out a fun action video was already burning and this was just the thing to fix that. But oh, which song to choose for such an already done-to-death video source? I had recently gotten a hold of Immediate Music's songs, which are absolutely beautiful. Immediate Music is a group that creates songs and even sound effects for trailers and TV spots. Just like Steak mentions in one of his videos, they don't release their music to the general public unfortunately, but I just happened to come across a download of their songs. Also like Steak, I'm putting up a disclaimer about using their music, before I continue any further about the video:

    I, Kirk Fryrear, the creator and editor of this video, should have any and all actions directed towards me regarding this music video. AnimeMusicVideos.Org is not in any way responsible for the creation of it, nor does it endorse the infringement of copyrighted material. My intentions are not to offend Immediate Music or distribute their work, but to have others enjoy this video. It is simply here to entertain any who come across it, broaden my editing and creative skills, advertise the works of Immediate Music as well as Square/Square-Enix, and continue the tradition of inspiration from other works of art. Please feel free to contact me if necessary, at


    I originally started working on the Advent Children video with the intention of making a good ol' fashioned action video. A goal I set for myself was to finish it in a week, and to my surprise actually managed to. I was quite satisfied with myself and figured I'd release this within the week, but fate would not have it. I was listening to music on the way to work a few days later, to another one of IM's songs and images of Last Order, the OVA that came with Advent Children (the Ultimate Edition), came to mind. I began work on that, with the same goal of completing it in a week. This one actually took longer, at about a week and a half.

    So there I was, with two short FFVII videos (about two minutes each). I wondered about doing another one using clips from the game, making it a complete trilogy. A theme I also wanted to go along with was using another Immediate Music song. It seemed hokey to do, instead of broadening out to using other trailer music, but felt this would be kinda challenging to do, to limit myself and see what I could do with only a certain amount of music to choose from. I ended up going with Lacrimosa, the famous tune from the Spider-Man 2 trailer. That's when trouble began to emerge.

    My laptop is a funny computer. Not funny ha-ha, but funny like hairy mayonnaise; interesting yet unnerving. I fired up PsxMC, the program I've used in the past to rip FMVs from Playstation games, to find that it wouldn't work. The ripping wasn't happening. So I scoured the net for a different version or a different application, to find that I just needed to find the most current version. However in the process, I must've gotten a nasty bug of some kind because now the laptop, she craps her memory out and goes slower than a whale in mud. Editing from that point was not a pretty sight and I became one very disgruntled person. But time passed and editing was done, and everything turned out fine.

    I ended up making tweaks to the Advent Children and Last Order portions, to coincide with the idea of three connected stories being told, as well as added some text before each section to add a layer of drama beyond the actual footage. One thing I wish could have had during this was a bigger hard drive; with only the amount I had and having DVD rips alongside, I could only rip the game's FMVs at 352x240. I would have preferred to have ripped them at a regular resolution, because some of the clips really do look like ass. Eh well.

    For those curious, the quote at the beginning is from Friedrich Nietsche, a German philosopher from the 1800s.
    EDIT: The quote is also from Baldur's Gate apparently. Could've fooled me. :P

    Obviously, fans of Final Fantasy VII will get the biggest kicks out of this video. Everyone else will simply enjoy the actiony goodness. :)

    Hoo-rahs go to:
    My friends Georgia, Cat and Amber for their input and limitless encouragement
    Me: "Hey do you think the title The Lifestream Epics is too arrogant of a title?"
    Georgia: "No. You're using really epic music, so it works."
    Me: "ooh, good point!"

    AbsoluteDestiny & Ermac for AMVapp and EADFAG
    Scintilla for his MPEG encoding guide

    If I think of anything else, I'll write it up.
    Otherwise, go bananas. Hope you all enjoy the video. ;)

    Nerdy stuff used:
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    AMVapp 2.0
    PsxMC v2.53
    TMPGEnc Plus 2.5

    LQ version:
    MPEG-1, 23.976 fps
    480x360, 80.5 MB
    VBR 1400kbps

    HQ version:
    Xvid, 23.976 fps
    720x480, 149 MB
    Avg 2900kbps

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