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  • Members (13): Bakadeshi, JCD, Kusoyaro, LCY84, Niotex, Warheart, godix, lilgumba, olw, silver_moon, turboneko, xRinoa, zest
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Ayumix: D a y b r e a k
  • Premiered: 2006-02-23
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Ayumi Hamasaki Daybreak Hal's mix 2002
    • Ayumi Hamasaki I am... Huge fairytale mix
    • Ayumi Hamasaki I am... Night clubber's mix
    • Ayumi Hamasaki No more words - Turn up the break mix
    • Ayumi Hamasaki Opening Run - JK's extended mix
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    Important Note: This Project is best watched with the volumed cracked up, especially for the frst 3 tracks where there is alot of tight beat synching to sounds you may not hear with the volume at moderate levels.

    A little history...

    Hamasaki Ayumi (浜崎あゆみ) born October 2, 1978, is a Japanese pop singer and Japanese idol originally from Fukuoka. In Japan (and among her US fans), she is commonly called by her nickname Ayu. To this date, she has released seven full-length studio albums, one mini-album, two compilation albums, and 38 singles. She officially debuted in 1998 with her single poker face, which sold 43,000 copies. Fasforward to Janurary 1999, where She then released her first album A Song for XX which quickly became certified platinum. Fast forward again 3 years through countless succesful album and single releases to the first day of 2002, where her fourth album "I am..." was released, and like its predecessors LOVEppears and Duty, it achieved double-platinum status, with sales of 2.3 million copies.

    About the Project:
    This Multi Editor Project (MEP) is a dedication to Hamasaki Ayumi, using various remixes from her Daybreak single, including remixes of platinum record songs like I Am..., Daybreak, and No more words.
    The idea came to me when listening to her CD in my car one day, I thought "This would be pretty cool music to do a stylistic amv project to", so I got on the boards, posted an interest gauge thread, and found enough Ayu fans to make the project a reality. After many delays, a few dropouts, and many many techncial issues on my end >.< the first project dedicated to Hamasaki Ayumi is finally complete and ready for your viewing pleasure. I assure you that every editor involved gave their track 120% effort and did the best that they could do, and I must say, thanks to them, the project has turned out phenominal. There is a good mix of music styles and pace in here, so there should be a little something for everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the tallents that worked with me in this project, and I beleive I speak for everyone when I say it has been a tremendous experience for all of us.

    Segment listing and Editors:

    Opening - Me, using the clouds scene from Escaflowne the movie and original Ayu photography.

    Segment A (0:41-1:33):
    Anime: X TV
    Editor: Alexander Otto "Warheart"

    Segment B (1:33-2:02)
    Anime: Getbackers
    Editor: Hsien Lee "Kusoyaro"

    Segment C (2:03-2:38)
    Anime: Karas
    Editor: Mitch Sturkenboom "Niotex"

    Segment D (2:39-3:03)
    Anime: Mezzo DSA
    Editor: Natasha Wadlington "Lilgumba"

    Segment E (3:03-3:59)
    Anime: Kaleido Star
    Editor: Kareef Huggins "Bakadeshi"

    Segment F (4:00-4:54)
    Anime: Kiddy Grade
    Editor: Marco Tagliaferri "Turboneko"

    Segment G (4:55 - 5:53)
    Anime: Chrono Crusade
    Editors: Tatjana Friedrichs "xRinoa/Nyuu", "Zest"

    Segment H (5:54-7:01)
    Anime: Angelic Layer
    Editor: Valerie Fremmerlid "Silvermoon"

    Segment I (7:02 - 8:23)
    Anime: Appleseed the movie
    Editor: Stephan Teusch "JCD"

    Segment J(8:24-9:22)
    Anime: A Place promised in our early days (Beyond the clouds)
    Editors: Laurent Clermidy "LCY84", Olivier Boissin "Olw"

    Segment K (9:23-9:57)
    Anime: His and her circumstances
    Editor: godix

    Credits - Composited by Me from the original Hamasaki Ayumi - Daybreak music video and parts from each editors segments.

    Special thanks to the following people that effected the project in any way big or small:

    Drngedkreationz - Helped me with Audio QC and suggestions with the mix
    AbsoluteDestiny - Those guides on cleaning up and increasing compressability were tremendous help ;p
    Jasper_isis - some small beta testing help for my track
    All Members who joined with good intentions but had to drop out for reasons beyond their control,
    All Members of for their ongoing support and encouragement ^^

    Will there be an Ayumix 2? There are plans for a second one, but that also depends on if there'll be enough interest in a second one.

    Official Project Ayumix website:

    All distribution versions are also available for download there, aswell as the DVD. All information on Project ayumix not covered here, including Lyrics and translations for those lyrics will also be available there.

    Now without further adue, I give you, the first Ayumix Project: Ayumix - D a y b r e a k.

    Some Screenshots:

    Important Note: This Project is best watched with the volumed cracked up, especially for the frst 3 tracks where there is alot of tight beat synching to sounds you may not hear with the volume at moderate levels.

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