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  • Member: HorrorPhD
  • Studio: Dr. Raven Productions
  • Title: Someday
  • Premiered: 2006-01-01
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    • Vlasis Someday
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    ***BEST DRAMA - KAWAII KON 2006***
    ***3RD PLACE - MECHACON 2006***
    ***MOST EMOTIONAL/DEPRESSING (The Grave of the Fireflies/Slit Your Wrist Award) - ANIME NEBRASKON 2006***

    **Finalist -Llamacon 2006
    **Finalist - Katsucon 2006
    **Finalist - Animethon 13

    This video would not have been possible if it weren't for one person - Vlasis; the musical genius behind the song you'll hear in this project.

    Vlasis is a close personal friend of mine. For Christmas, 2005, it was suggested to me that I burn him copies of the AMVs I'd done thusfar - kind of an artistic gift from one creator to another. Instead, I chose to take things a step further and do an AMV to one of his songs instead.

    "Someday" is from his first solo CD, "Plain Sight." Immediately upon hearing it, I knew that I needed to use "Wolf's Rain" as a basis for the AMV. Since this was to be a gift first and foremost, I had to take into account that Vlasis hasn't seen much (if any) anime. Therefore, the story behind this video is very simple, and not all that original - I basically give you some of the highlights of the wolves' journey for Paradise. I must admit, I'm enamoured with the legend behind the anime, and that ultimately is what this AMV is all about (hence the summary written out at the beginning of the video).

    I'm delighted to say that Vlasis was very pleased with this video when he watched it, and is very excited about the upcoming contests that it is entered in. As a creator, that in and of itself is a victory for me. Truth be known, the reason behind my entering it in several cons is not to achieve fame, recognition or some kind of sought after AMV glory - no, I'm just pimping Vlasis' music.

    As a creator, this AMV is a milestone - my New Year's resolution was to make better AMVs, and I think I've achieved it with this. Those of you who have seen my other videos will notice that "Someday" does not have the choppy "slow-mo" look to the clips, and you'll also (hopefully) notice that it keeps the synch with the song much better than my previous attempts. In short, I'm setting my mind to task from here on out and not screwing around anymore.

    Enjoy! If you have problems viewing, downloading, etc, please PM me or send an email to And if you care to leave a constructive (emphasis on constructive - no flames, please) opinion, please feel free to do so. As always, I'm willing to do op exchanges...just drop me a line with what you'd like me to view in return.

    **Thank you to all that have left ops and QCs thusfar! Your comments (both positive and negative) have been extremely helpful, and exactly the type of feedback I've been looking for!**

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