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  • Member: ShonenDizzyCow
  • Studio: Shonen Productions
  • Title: Eva Potential
  • Premiered: 2002-08-19
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    • Antonio Banderas The Lady's Got Potential - Evita Soundtrack
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    >>>ANIME USA AMV CONTEST>AWA EXPO 2002 Viewer's Choice Awards 2003 Gendo Installed as President -> Peron bids his time/plots -> Gendo/Political leaders ‘killed’ -> Earthquake in San Juan -> Peron/Kaji Organizes Charity Concert -> Peron/Kaji meets Eva/Misato.

    I’m not sure if this is the first Misato – Kaji video ever made or not. The setting, at the very least is definitely unique.

    You’ll notice that you’ll never see clearly see both Kaji’s FACE and Misato in the same scene, until the end. I was careful to position scenes to ensure that I support the lyrics of them not meeting until near the end of the story/video for consistency.

    The original, real Eva Peron even makes a cameo in one part in the video.

    Some notes:
    “Slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun” sequence is not a mistake in direction. Atilla is meant to be on the LEFT of them, since they (or Shinji) is supposed to be on the RIGHT of Atilla.

    Gendo does not appear anymore after ‘just one blast and the teargas falls’ – to hint at the possible conspiracy of someone orchestrating an accidental assassination of the president, and other cabinet members.

    I HAVE to include the lyrics here, considering its importance, and that it may be hard to decipher the lyrics the first time. This is excellent reference when unsure/reviewing.

    In June of forty-three there was a military coup
    Behind it was a gang called the G.O.U.
    Who did not feel the need to be elected.

    They had themselves a party at the point of a gun
    They were slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun
    A bomb or two and very few objected

    Yeah, just one shell and governments fall like flies, Kapow, die
    They stumble and fall, bye-bye
    Backs to the wall, Aim high, we're having a ball
    The tank and bullet rule as democracy dies

    The lady's got potential, she was setting her sights
    On making it in movies with her name in lights
    The greatest social climber since Cinderella

    OK, she couldn't act but she had the right friends
    And we all know a career depends
    On knowing the right fella to be stellar

    Yeah, just one shell and governments lose their nerve, Kapow, die
    They stumble and fall, bye-bye
    Backs to the wall, Aim high, we're having a ball
    That's how we get the government we deserve

    Now the man behind the President calling the shots
    Involved so discreetly in a lot of their plots
    Was Colonel Juan Peron, would be dictator

    He began in the army out in Italy so
    Saw Mussolini's rise from the very front row
    I reckon he'd do likewise sooner or later

    Yeah, just one blast and the tear gas falls like rain, Kapow, die
    They haven't a chance, bye-bye
    The terrorists advance, but one guy doesn't dirty his hands
    Peron was biding time out in the slow lane

    Yeah, suddenly an earthquake hit the town of San Juan, Kapow, die
    They stumble and fall, bye-bye
    Keep away from the wall, but one guy was having a ball
    The tragedy, a Golden chance for Peron

    He organized a concert with incredible flair
    In aid of all the victims, such a grand affair
    Politicians, actors, stars of every flavor

    It was January twenty-second, 1944
    A night to remember, yeah, that's for sure
    For that's the night that Peron first met Eva
    For that's the night that Peron first met Eva!


    The genesis of this idea actually came to me when I was making Evangelion Opus. The song has always been a favorite of mine from the Evita Soundtrack; I remember enjoying myself when I first head it in the cinema when it came on. Shots of riots, played to a rocking number felt like a prefect match. At the time of Evangelion Opus however, I had originally planned to use final fantasy 9 footage, which as you might have guessed, didn’t work out -> instead I made ‘The Final Wanderers’. Also around that time, fellow buddy Fellow Hoodlum went ahead to make a video out of the same song to a various bunch of FF videos – it was very well done but I felt there the video’s potential didn’t quite got to shine, most probably due to the limiting amounts of footage that FF could deliver – so while considering a bunch of other concepts, I finally returned to this idea, but I would pair it up with Evangelion instead, which has a wealth of footage to fully exploit the idea to the maximum.

    This video had a very long evolution, and perhaps the most radical of all my videos. When I first built the initial build (December), it was nothing like what you see here. First came the switch from using VCD footage to recently ripped DVD footage (which itself took a really long while to convert, but the high time-cost of that was offset by the fact that I was going to utilize the Eva footage for a number of future videos to max my efforts). The video went though somewhat of a similar process as Evangelion Opus of VCD->DVD video quality upgrade. During this phase (Jan) the video was about 30% similar to the final version.

    The next stage was that, learning from hindsight of FH’s video’s reception, I was pretty sure that the song itself had a built-in disadvantage – one, it’s throws quite a lot of information to the listener, spanning riots, political maneuvering, uprisings, earthquake disasters and the beginning of a possible marriage of convenience. The second problem was that Antonio Banderas, while delivering a great performance, has a strange way of pronouncing certain words, some of which even I misheard until it was pointed it out to me. Since this video very much depends of the viewer following the story, I decided to help the complex narration of the video’s flow by adding a bunch or on screen text, to inform and to break up the complexity. This virtually transformed the rest of the video into a completely new one, where I re-did almost 50% of the remaining footage here. You could call this my ‘fun with text’ video. But far from being irreverent, I think it’s really gives the video a certain feel, helps support the crossover factor and good narrative control.

    And when I thought the video was done, up came another sub-concept to further enhance the video, where I though of some ideas that I would use some effects to help visually narrate points/flesh characters of the video even more. At this stage it was quite time consuming, as I there was a great freedom of experimentation. I think over a dozen effect shots were completed and discarded over better ideas or implementation. Here a lot of Photoshop work was involved, primarily for all the magazine covers, which was great fun. I particularly like the Man of the Year’ one. This was also the first video where I actually had to do some historical research on the web to integrate them into the video. And when I was inserting all these composite shots into the video, it spurred yet another round of text inserts, but this was done sort of like inserting Easter eggs into the video to reward the observant viewers. See if you could spot all of the text inserts in the video!

    So that was the extremely long path that the video took to reach its final form. I would end up completing 3 other videos in the time it took this video to complete. Let’s see how it goes.

    As usual, enjoy!

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