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  • Members (16): Fall_Child42, Coderjo, Decoy, GloryQuestor, Haunter103, Ileia, Kitsuner, Kristyrat, Niotex, Satomi, Streicher, badmartialarts, guy07, inthesto, jubjub2, temaranight
  • Title: MSTRB80s - (Or Iron Chef Idol2 80s Flashback)
  • Premiered: 2006-01-04
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  • Songs:
    • Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
    • BadMartialArts Tainted Love
    • CoderJoe Cry Little Sister
    • Decoy Heat is on
    • Fall_Child42 Every Breath You Take
    • Fist Of the North Star Tough Boy
    • Glory_Questor The Way It Is
    • guy07 Walk this way
    • haunter103 Dance Magic
    • icycloud Material Girl
    • Inthesto Rock the Casbah
    • JubJub2 Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
    • Julian Gingell American Idol Theme
    • Kitsuner Love Is A Battlefield
    • Kristyrat I Ran
    • LadyDX I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
    • Niotex You spin me round (like a record)
    • Satomi I love Rock n' Roll
    • Simple Minds Don't you forget about me
    • Streicher (I've had) the time of my life
    • The Buggles Video Killed the Radio Star
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  • Comments: FC smells like kittens. Why? Because he rambunctiously cuddles them. In fact, I'm willing to bet my life savings, because he's rambunctiously cuddling mine right now. And I don't mean the exact moment that I (inthesto, AGAIN) am writing; rather, the moment that you, the reader, are reading this.
    And I extend that statement to mean ANY reader. Given the frequency of people reading video
    notes, that probably means he's constantly doing it. On second thought, nobody's going to
    read this, because the video sucks so bad that nobody will want to remember it (and I write
    that without having yet seen the video). In that case, I'll just constantly be reading this
    in order to guarantee FC's consistent kitten cuddling.

    [EDS NOTE:Actually after this video all 16 editors smell like kittens, muffin, Old-fellow,
    talliwacker, popo, Krats, lil' elvis, hairballs, garfields, pussies, etc. etc. and if you watch it you will too!]

    Okay, so yeah. About this video. Remember Iron Chef Idol ? Probably not. That's okay, most victims of car accidents don't remember the
    excruciating pain of all the shrapnel passing through their bodies. It's a mental defense
    mechanism. Anyways, I have no idea why, but shortly after ICI's completion, FC and the rest
    of the #amv gang started planning a second one. Why did we do it? To be honest, it was
    probably my fault, egging on the other editors for their own personal humilation. Normally,
    I'd be subject to humiliation too, as I am in the project, but humilation requries a sense
    of dignity, something I gave up roughly around the time when I proposed to a girl four times
    in a single hour. Apparently, I decided the original ICI wasn't damaging enough, so it
    somehow needed to be made worse. The secret council (composed entirely of #amv members
    sitting around, giggling on Skype) burned through various ideas until landing upon an 80's
    theme. Why? Well, let's face it. There's nothing worse than the 80's. Except maybe boiled
    nappa. God, that stuff is rancid.

    After we decided on a new theme, somebody went crazy on recruiting. I'm not sure who it was,
    but I think it was a combination of FC and Kit spamming something along the lines of "Free
    kitten cuddles for people join this MEP." Quite frankly, I can't think of any other way to pitch
    an 80's themed Iron Chef where the participants record themselves singing. Of course, there
    are several females in this video and they can't get kitten cuddles, so that quite clearly punches
    a hole in my logic. In response to that, I invoke the "there are no girls on the internet"
    rule, and claim that IcyCloud, LadyDX, and Satomi are all actually very well-programmed
    artificial intelligence constructs, designed by some really crazy programmer for the sole
    purpose of cat-teasing #amv. I'm going to guess the programmer was trythil, because he eats
    grapefruits. Seriously, only lame people eat grapefruit. Grapefruit soda, however, is
    perfectly fair game.

    Speaking of games, Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection hasn't left my PS2 in the past
    week. I think my Tekken 5 Hori stick should be coming in tomorrow or the day after. It'll be
    the happiest day of my life, even if I do have to re-learn how to do most motions and
    combos. After I get the stick, I think I'm going to pick up Yang, Hugo, and Urien. I think
    my controller is starting to lose it after all my playing, as I can't consistently execute
    Yang's EX Mantis Slashes, although I have no problem pulling off Alex's EX Flash Chop after, The stick will definitely help playing as Hugo, since 360s and 720s are much
    easier to do on a stick. I don't I'll be playing with Gigas Breaker, though, since it seems
    Hammer Frenzy is a better super art for the EX. I still like Megaton Press better for
    shutting down air games and linking off his HCB + K. Why do most grapplers have an anti-air
    super, anyway? Interesting question for exploration. Off the top of my head, I know that
    Zangief, Potemkin, and Hugo all have them.

    Once I get comfortable playing on a stick, I think I'm going to hit up the arcade down in
    Atlanta Underground again. I had a shitload of trouble playing SvC:Chaos (yeah, I know it's
    painful, but I do what I hell I'm going to try playing MvC2) just because I was
    unfamiliar with the stick. Maybe with a little bit of luck, they'll have a KoFXI cabinet,
    but I'll have to keep my fingers crossed real hard for that one. I'd like to play a team of
    Tizoc/Duck/Eiji, just for mega badassness. Justice Hurricane is a fucking badass command
    throw, though not quite as much as Super Argentina Backbreaker. I'd like to try Duck, since
    I hear he has an insane pressure game, and he's just too cool. Sometimes I wish I had a blue
    and yellow mohawk and could breakdance. Actually, I'm always wishing I could breakdance, but
    even just basic stepping is really hard. Forget all the spinning and crap. I'm convinced
    that's only possible by breaking the laws of physics.

    If you're expecting me to go back to talking about the video anytime soon, you'd better
    leave now. Chances are, I'm not going back to the video for another couple of paragraphs.
    When FC forces me to write a video description, that's a pretty damned good guarantee that
    I'm not actually going to talk about the video. Putting that aside, now that I've
    sufficiently discussed fighting games, I suppose I have to talk about RPGs now. I tried
    beating Atelier Iris on New Year's Eve, but I couldn't do it. The final boss is pretty damn
    hard, much moreso than the rest of the game. I think I've only died once in the game other
    than the final fight. What makes it so difficult is that the last boss has an unescapable
    instant-kill move, and there's only one character in the game who can revive character.
    There's one revive item, but it has to be synthesized from two other rare items. When the
    boss used the instant-kill, it made sure to hit the reviver first, which fucked me over
    pretty damn well. I think I'm shelving this game for a while.

    Now I've started both Shining Force Neo and Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. I'm a Shining
    Force fanboy from way back in the day, and SFN has me rather ambivalent at the moment. The
    thing that bothers me a little is that SFN isn't adding on to the currently existing Shining
    Force storyline so much as replacing it entirely. The main character's name is Max, and he
    has a lost brother named Kain/Cane/Cain/Cockknocker (actually, the brother relationship
    wasn't established in the English Genesis version of Shining Force, but was brought up in
    the GBA version). Just about everything else is completely different, although I can see
    similarities between the old and new Shining Force universes. As for the gameplay, it's on
    the simple side, but enjoyable. I think Shining Force Neo is what Shining Tears SHOULD have
    been, but don't get me on ST. That game sucked and I'm really fucking bitter that I bought
    it at full price. I must remember to never buy a game for the character designs alone ever
    again. Well, that's not entirely true, as I did also buy it because it had "Shining" in the
    title, but now I know better.

    Romancing SaGa, I haven't played too much. I've only done about half an hour of it, but I
    like it so far. I started with the pirate, and I got the best opening imagineable: I started
    in the middle of nowhere with no instruction as to what to do. I'm tired of all this
    bullshit where you're some teenage who has to go into the hills and gets jumped by goblins.
    RPGs need to stop being baby-games and grow some balls, like the SaGa games do. Unlimited
    SaGa is the deepest and most comprehensive RPG I've played yet, and while Romancing SaGa
    doesn't quite match its sheer complexity, the additional easiness allows for some welcome
    breathing room. Plus, the pirate starts with a lizardman in his party. How badass is that?
    I've got to play this game more, if I can ever get SF:AC out of my PS2.
    Exhausting the topic of RPGs, I think I'll move onto the book I'm reading right now. It's
    called "The Blank Slate" by Steven Pinker, and it's a good book, even if I'm only sixty or
    so pages in. Reading really is harder than people give it credit for, but maybe that's
    because nobody reads anymore. Regardless, the book is about the idea of human beings being
    born with a "blank slate" for a mind and the idea's damaging implications on intellectual
    thinking. So far all I've read is how the blank slate idea is obviously false, but the book
    is moving forward. The topic of psychology is really fascinating, though I don't know if it
    could be my area of study. I have this strange interest in the inner workings of the human
    being, and I have to say that psychology is the field that holds the answers.

    Now that I've gone six paragraphs without mentioning AMVs, maybe it's time for me to go back
    to this thing that FC is making me write about, despite the fact that I've never seen the
    video. Okay, that single allusion is enough about the video.
    Just download, listen, cry, and delete. Actually, just skip the listening step. Hell, skip
    the first step. I promise, you don't want to see or hear this.

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