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  • Members (6): jasper-isis, Bakadeshi, NeoQuixotic, Otohiko, ooshna, pen-pen2002
  • Title: Animasia: First Instrumentality (Part II)
  • Premiered: 2005-12-25
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Bond Kashmir
    • Clint Mansell Requiem for a Dream
    • Danny Elfman Finale
    • Howard Shore The End of All Things
    • James Newton Howard Flying
    • Joe Hisaishi Shiita no Ketsui
    • ProjeKct 3 Deception of the Thrush
    • Third Eye Open Schism
    • TRY-FORCE Rock and Roll Hard
  • Anime:
  • Comments: From time to time the order and selection of compositions on this program may be changed.
    - from the Playbill of Walt Disney's Fantasia.

    Animasia is the first of a series of proposed multi-editor projects, collectively referred to as Instrumentality. Loosely modeled after Disney's Fantasia, Animasia features a series of full-length anime music videos set to instrumental compositions.

    In Part II, we present the widescreen portion of the project.

    The original idea for Instrumentality was conceived by Rose4emily, who directed Animasia from April 2004 to July 2005. Jasper-isis took over the role of project director from July 2005 until its completion in December 2005.

    Beginnings of the project materialized in March 2004, in a suggestion by ChiaPetzukamori for an "anime Fantasia". It was a time when neither instrumental music videos nor multi-editor projects were as prevalent as they are today. When a number of editors vocalized a desire to improve the exposure of instrumental AMVs, they decided to take up this "Animasia" idea in multi-editor form.

    Work on the project officially began in April 2004. The bulk of the video editing stage was completed around September 2004, but progress on the project's meta-features (commentaries, credits, etc.) dragged (at times painfully) until December 2005. The unceasing "Animasia Curse" seemed to thwart progress every time somebody tried to make a prediction on the release date.

    The videos featured in Animasia range widely in both their musical and visual genres, from a techno-opera action piece to a nostalgic composition tinkling with classical Impressionist music. Some of the videos included in the project, such as A Boy I Knew and Tomoe in the Moonlight, have been completed or mostly completed before the official start of the project. Others, like End of all Eva and Requiem for a Nightmare, were created specifically for Animasia. Due to the project's prolonged in-progess status, some of its component videos have been individually released. A few, however, still remain unseen before project release.

    Just as Animasia is not simply a collection of anime music videos, the production of Animasia was not merely a combination of individual video editors creating their own tracks. Throughout the project's development, concepts and segments were conceived, designed, and produced through the feedback and collaboration of all the group members. Over its 21-month course, Animasia drew a wide variety of emotions from its contributors (and some prospective fans, we imagine) - but it was an irreplaceable experience for all who were actively involved.

    The result is a single feature composed of two separate but interconnecting parts, divided both out of technical and creative considerations: the full-screen segment and the wide-screen segment. Eighty-seven minutes, fourteen full videos, fourteen introductory commentaries, and two main segments compose this project - but to its editors, it is so much more.

    Program for Part II
    Oratorio of Ghibli (3:30)
    Ararat (5:08)
    A Boy I Knew (3:34)
    Simplicity (4:55)
    Requiem for a Nightmare (7:19)
    Surrealism (2:01)
    End of All Eva (5:08)
    The Wasteland (7:26)
    Credits (1:49)

    Directing: jasper-isis, Rose4emily
    Introduction: jasper-isis, Rose4emily
    Commentaries Dubbing: Songbird21, Otohiko
    Commentaries Art Design: jasper-isis
    Commentaries Compositing: Bakadeshi, jasper-isis
    End Credits: jasper-isis
    Website: Downwithpants
    Project File Hosting: Kalium, Rose4emily, Pen-pen2002, Ooshna
    DVD Production: Bakadeshi

    Animania, January '06
    Llamacon '06
    Momocon '06

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