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  • Member: Arigatomina
  • Studio: Forever Fornever
  • Title: Guilty Pleasure
  • Premiered: 2005-12-18
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  • Song:
    • Jessica Simpson Sweetest Sin
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Shameless romantic smut of the boy-on-boy persuasion. If you don't know what yaoi and shonen ai are, you probably shouldn't be watching this video. While it's safe by org standards, it's a little more explicit than my usual romance vids. The pairings are all canon yaoi or heavily implied shonen ai, as the footage used should attest. There are no 'fan-pairings' here, so I won't accept flames from fanboys for making their favorite guys gay. Blame the anime. ;p

    Footage: I used some very strong filters to try and make the footage more compatible across the different sources. Kasho no Tsuki still came out too bold in the colors, but the pastel-based anime match pretty well, in my opinion. For some reason my Gravi dvds gave me more trouble than anything else - any tips for filtering that anime are welcome.

    Editing: My second time using Premiere 6.0, the editing is pretty simple and heavy on the eye-candy. As long as it took me to get used to wmm, I think I'm picking up this new program pretty quickly.

    Song: I was wary of the artist, but the song is actually pretty and addictive, and perfect for this sort of vid.

    Note: The pairing used from Get Backers is Jubei/Kazuki. I'm assuming no one doubts that pairing after the episode at the hotspring. ^_^;

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