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    As of 12/31/02, I am no longer creating AMVs for my own or other's entertainment. Other things in my life have taken priority and I now actually have a life! Still, I watch most of the new AMVs that are worth watching, and I comment most of the time.

    I remember coming to this site two years ago, two days before my birthday. Otakon was an eye-opener when I saw the Anime Music Video Contest, and I was completely hooked. I was amazed at how people actually spent time making worthwhile music videos with Anime infused into them. I disliked some of the efforts [or lack thereof] made by some people who just made a video to make fun of anime and the infusion of music, but it didn't stop me from looking at ever more newer videos.

    To date, I have watched a total of 3,000 + videos and I'm still watching new ones that really deserve better opinions than what they're getting [or lack thereof, again].

    I still love and I always will. I still love anime, that will stay with me as well. I just won't participate in the joy of making videos. That part of my life is over now. I'm not happy that the once raging fire within me to make newer videos is gone now, but I'm sure over time something else will fuel that fire.

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