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  • Member: Hakura
  • Studio: Otaku Productions
  • Title: Trigun - Eden *Remastered*
  • Premiered: 2001-12-03
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    • Sarah Brightman Eden
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    This is the remastered edition of my Trigun - Eden music video.
    I created this version for a few reasons.....

    1) Some people haven't seen the whole series of Trigun, and didn't quite understand the begining. So I changed it a bit. I addedd the part of the anime with the text to further people understanding of the video.

    2) Slightly improved video quality. I felt that the video quality was lacking a little, so there is a but of a difference, as I used a different codec for this one ^^

    3) Smoother. I also felt that some of the transitions were a bit to choppy and the fades wern't quite right, so I fixed that too ^^

    4) Font. I used a differnt font in the video, it's a bit eaiser to read I find.

    Other that that that's all that has changed ^^ I hope you like the video!!

    This video took a lot of thought and time to create. I feel that this is by far my best project.

    With over 100 hours of work put into this video and spaned over 2 months it sure paied off ^^

    The speical points about this video are the picture in picture effects, the overlaying, timing, text intergration and the stoytelling.

    However...I'm not sure if you will really understand the point I am trying to get across if you havn't seen the whole series. The song fits it PERFECTLY ^^

    This video was created with the idea of expressing the softer/serious side to the show. Something that I haven't seen in Trigun videos much. It focues on Vash and Knives and contains quite a bit of spoilers. It's a serios video and shouldn't be wached when in a funny mood. This video also makes you think, and to get the full picture you should watch it more then once.

    There are many layers so your eyes anr't sure what to focus on and understandm which is why I recomend watching it more them once ^^

    When I created this video I was in a sad mood, and it shows...I have been told it's quite the depressing video. Im very proud of this piece of work.

    I can honestly say that my soul went into making this video! I hope you like it!

    If you download this please write a's the polite thing to do.

    You can find this video in the site listed int he Anime Music Video Section under the :

    "Drama/Serious" section


    *dances* This video has offical begun it's award winning process along with the orginal EDEN! Here are the awards Eden has recieved. 2002 Viewers Choice Awards

    **Best Dramatic Video**
    **Best Character Profile**

    Aka Kon 2001

    **Best Drama**
    **Best Overall**

    Mindwarp Entertainment Fall/Winter Contest

    **Best Drama**

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