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  • Profile: I have recently joined the ranks of the LESSER KNOWN HERO"z. To me that is the greatest honor, to work with such skilled and helpful ppl. So, i want opinions good or bad, that way i can make better vids for u guys to enjoy. I love makin AMV's for 1 simple reason.That's for others to enjoy them and feel the emotion I put in them. For a person to say a vid of mine made them a little bit happy or inspired them is the ultimate reward!So make sure, if ya have the time , to please leave an opinion. I am open to all kinds of critisism, constructive or not. If u guys don't tell me what to change or how i can make AMV's better how will i know??
    Well i hope u enjoy my vids!! i will have new ones posted every 2 weeks or so depending on the project(s) i have goin at da time. And make sure u check out all da Lesser Known Hero's vids by Krillin the Villin ,GrootheWanderer419,Damien,Dark Magician[GB],Rottie, Vegelixx, ReD EyE JeDi,and myself, U WON'T REGRET IT!!
    Until I Post Again,Peace!!

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