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  • Member: Nekoteo
  • Title: Taivas - Skies On Fire
  • Premiered: 2007-01-13
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    • Teräsbetoni Taivas Lyö Tulta
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    This is by far my biggest naruto/AMV project ever using a song I wanted to use ever since I started editing a year back.

    Taivas lyö tulta by Teräsbetoni (a rock band from finland)

    This video took me between 100 and 200 hours of editing to finish.(x_x)
    Most of which was spent on masking frame by frame and rendering.
    Anyway I'm very happy with the results.


    Special thanks to narutoball, vajuras, zquad, quazza and greek prince for beta testing and help on the video quality.

    +-=Program used=-+

    Vegas 7.0
    Particle Illusion 3.0

    +-Translated lyrics-+

    Glances upwards, brothers, time has come!
    In front of us even the strongest is weak
    Time stops and moves mountains from their places
    We wouldn't hesitate(?) even if it rained fire

    Call of metal can be too hard for the weak
    But not for those who are lead by warrior instinct

    Sky strikes fire upon us
    The voice of truth resounds in the rocks
    The magic of oath on blood is always our shield
    That sign of the brotherhood of metal

    Wherever we go we are always noticed
    Honour and power make everyone believe in us
    Trace of fire follows our powerful army
    Nature is on our side and supports our message

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