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  • Profile: My name is Jun. Some call me Jao. I work hard on videos and try my best to make better ones. I go by the Creator Name as AnimeOtaku717. I used this name ever since I first started making AMVs, Tributes, and Slideshows on youtube. . My passion for Anime started when I was just a little kid playing games and watching tv. Wondering how they do the animations. It captivated me eventually leading me to making amvs and being productive. I tend to look at things from many angles before talking. The art, the way it moved it was like another world of life to me. Though I do know the difference between reality and fantasy, it doesn't hurt to show love for it. Anyways as far as technology goes i use sony vegas and corel video studio. I'd like to one day be able to make an mep with some people no matter how minor my part/role is. I just wish to make many friends and not a lot of enemies. I just hope that some people can help me since i'm sort of off in ways to make amvs, visual effects, and certain key aspects and points. I'm now working on my studio OtakuOutcomes. Please inform me at youtube or through these following if you wish to join in an mep or collaberation video:


    I enjoy comments, feedback, and any suggestions or help make me improve.
    Though please do realize I do lack in many areas and experiences I am willing to put out the best I can. I do this for the fun, love, and enjoyment of amvs, anime, the creators, and fellow fans. I do try my best with the situation not all the time with my amvs.

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