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  • Profile: OMG!! Has it been 5 years?! We'll not quiet, but almost... I turn 27 in 3 days ^O^. I have been away for a long time and I figured I would update my profile with current happenings.

    Based off my old post I never ended up getting my N+ certification. I started working as the receiver for a computer company soon after I joined in 2002. In the following years I went from the receiver, to support technician, to commercial artist, to web designer, to project manager. :)

    Aside from that I have still been working with computers in my spare time and plan to get back into making AMVs. I am currently running two systems in my computer room. My main system is an Athlon64 4000 on an A8N-SLI Deluxe, with 2GB of memory and a 6800GT 256mb video card. [A little dated] I also built a new server very recently with an Intel 975XBX2KR motherboard, Intel Q6600 Quad core processor, 4gb of memory, an MSI 7600GS 256mb Diamond Plus with HDMI and a redundant 1.5 terabyte storage system. ^_^ I will post some pictures of my rig sometime soon.

    I have been watching a lot of anime and also playing games in my free time. I am also still learning and working with computers and spending time with the GF and doing stuff around the house. That's pretty much the quick update for now. Its good to be back and I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I am catching up with the latest tutorials and stuff I have missed in the past few years.

    Also check out my other profiles at:

    Feel free to send me a friend invite and I'll add you to my list. ^_^


    Hey my name is Paul. I have been into anime for about 14 years, becoming a more avid fan in the last 7 years. I’m 22, and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I have ALWAYS been interested in art, and have loved to draw ever since I can remember. I went to high school and took various arts and computer classes, and went on to do various computer-training courses for certification. As of now I only have my A+, but plan on pursuing my N+, and whatever else sparks my interest.

    I started making videos back in 1998 after I was able to buy my first ***REAL** computer. Which at the time was an HP 8660C 533MHz, 128MB RAM. [Before that I had a 486 I pulled out of the trash and fixed, that could only play MPG AMV's *lol*] I started out fooling around with the PSX video ripping tools, and of course made a FF8 music video to "All For Love" from the Three Muskteers soundtrack. I didn't really cut video at all, just organized it on a timeline to go with the music. This video turned out ok for being my first experiment in video editing.

    My second video was a Kenshin AMV set to a "Blue Skies" remix by BT. I liked this video a lot, for being my second video ever. It was timed great of the best source, but it was a good action video if you like Kenshin.

    I then had a creative run for bit where I created quite a few videos, all of which got deleted from my hard drive in a terrible accident! The two favorites I remember are a Berserk AMV I had set to "Last Resort" by Papa Roach, and a video I plan to recreate, Trigun to "Santeria" by Sublime. The videos were both fun videos and looked ok, although they were from a bad source.

    Finally I started collecting more anime DVD's and I decided to make a decent Kenshin music video. I picked the song "Liberi Fatali" from the Final Fantasy 8 opening, and set it to the Kenshin OAV's once again. Although this time with better planning and DVD source footage I was able to create a video that to this day I still like to watch now and then. This is the first video on my profile for This was in 1999 I believe, I do not have exact dates for when I created my video but will try and list them for future videos I do.

    That is pretty much everything up until now. Anything else I have done since then has been posted to the site, and I try to give a detailed review and description of each of my videos for you. Thanks for creating such a cool site Phade!


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