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  • Profile: Well I first heard about AMVs back around spring of 2005. from then on I would find amvs for my viewing enjoyment. It wasn't until about December that year that I saw Fluxmiester's "Prayer for Destruction" did I really become interested in producing AMVs. In fact, it also got me interested in Muse as I never heard of the Music group.

    I started my first AMV around February 10, 2006. I had many problems with it as i had no idea how to properly make a video. often, for example, i would export my video in a codec that that didn't bring satisfactory results. and after MUCH trial and error, an upgraded computer, rather painful (and now apparently unnecessary) techniques, and finally the discovery of this website, among with its very helpful guides and applications, I was finally able to complete my first AMV three months later. And I could finally call myself an AMVer.

    However I doubt that I can compare my knowledge on the productions of videos with other producers. regardless I enjoy this hobby and I hope you enjoy my music videos.

    I have an interest in gaming and I'm gonna major in game design. I also have interests in 3d modeling and learning the Japanese language (I wonder how many other people want to learn Nihongo too...)

    I know it doesn't look like I've made AMVs for a while but actually I've been working on at least three for the moment. my official current project is more or less a time line of what I've improved on since AWA 12. its roughly 80% done should be finished in a couple weeks

    Current Projects:

    The Ones without Fear (METAL MEP)
    Anime: Akira, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, RahXephon, Soul Eater
    Song: The Man without Fear
    by: Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie

    My System:
    AMD 64bit Athlon XP3200+
    ASUS A8N-VM-CSM Socket 939
    NIVIDA GeForce 7900 GS
    BenQ FP91G+ (19in I think) monitor at 1280X1024
    4 Gigs of unbuffered Super Talent DDR400+ Ram
    1 80 Gig Hardrive
    2 300 Gigs SATA drive
    1 2 TB External
    2 DVD + DL burner

    Windows XP Pro 64bit
    everthing in Amvapp 2.0 package
    Premiere Pro 1, 1.5, and now CS3
    After Effects CS3 (can't install in 64 bit :( )
    Photoshop 7.0
    Maya 2008
    Zoom Player
    GraphEdit (my endall solution to decodeing any video format into anything I choose)
    ConTEXT language notepad editor/highlighter

    I also have to rant about Zoom and why I love it.

    Zoom is amazing, With the ability to play nearly everything under the sun. from wmv to avi. from mov to rm. from avs to swf. also plays nearly all sound files. if you so happen to not have a codec, the options box gives you a list of codecs you can dl and a direct link to them. Of course, I use ffdshow to handle nearly all the codecs I need. You can create playlists and save them onto your desktop (or where ever, like the programs folder in the start menu). one of the special things I like is all the customization and control to get with it.

    Zoom has Graphedit partially embedded in it so if zoom can play it, you can have graphedit give you the decoded raw stream and place the video and audio into separate files. or reencode it into another codec/format. it great for editors like us cause I use it to test my avs scripts I write in ConTEXT. You can have it walk frame by frame in a video so you can easily spot orphan frames, interlacing, your cleaning scripts, etc.

    one hotkey for full screen, one for slow motion, one to automatically skip OP and EP in anime (with certain customization). play at a determined slow speed or half of that. it even resizes the aspect ratio to full screen, widescreen, anamorphic, custom, fit to screen/window, source, or derived.

    The Pro version can play CDs and DVDs. but the best thing of all is that all 3 packages (i.e.: Zoom Player, Zoom Player WMV, and what I use, the Zoom Player Pro) all come with a free trial that never expires nor hinders what it can do.

    I can list all the extensions, codecs, and things it can do but that list will be longer than what I already typed in this those who are willing to spend 15 minutes to install and customize zoom you will believe me that you won't be disappointed.

    uhh right... this is supposed to be about me... its my profile section... uhh

    HI!! I'm Hadien.

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Full Metal Panic
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