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  • Profile: My name is Matthew S. Embrey, my online alias being DigiMatt. I started downlaoding AMVs on Kazaa, but one of the videos "Material Girl" had the website in its credits. So that is how I came here and have been downloading ever since.

    After a while I wanted to make my own, since my head was coming up with ideas left and right, and I so wanted Adobie Premiere. But it is an uber expensive program, and my computer probably won't handle it anyways. Though I did run across Windows Media Maker. I made my first low quality vid using the end theme from Gundam Wing to a scene of Takato and Growlmon of Digimon from "The Digimon Express". I lost that video before I had a chance to upload it, but since then I've made two Digimon AMVs and a Gundam AMV.

    As of recently, my old computer crashed. With a new labtop, and an assortment of anime DVDs, I will now begin anew my AMV making. It's been...too long.

    I hope you enjoy my AMVs from Embrey Relics.

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