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  • Profile: I've been making videos ever since I was 16, I'm currently 19 and I am attending Thiel College (If anyone's wondering why I gave away where I lived, that's why, if I say I'm in Thiel College, you could find me just as easily) and the reason I gave my name away is because my name's at the end of every video I create anyway, they're my creations, of coarse I'll give myself credit under my real name rather then my alias, Aeris Gainsborough

    I specialize in Final Fantasy music videos, I have been told I should create others, such as my favorite Inuyasha series, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist and Trigun but... I just like using Final Fantasy the best, more contained space to work with then try and travel through hundreds of episodes trying to find just one single scene, not my liking... it's hard enough to go through each disk of the Final Fantasy VCDs I own...

    I have been told by college professors my videos are supereme and have been encouraged to sell them (though I will do no such thing, profit is bad bad bad, get my butt sued)

    But I hope you all enjoy my videos, don't be afraid to number that their are, I assure you I made them all and their premier day is the day, infact, that they were created.

    If anyone's looking for suggestions on which ones to watch, I will suggest my best ones for the full effect (bear with me if they haven' been added to the list yet though, they will be! Keep checking back for them)

    Simple and Clean by Hikaru Utada (VERY GOOD)
    All the things she said by Tatu
    Send the Pain Below by Chevelle
    The Red by Chevelle
    Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park
    Bring me to Life by Evaescence
    Book of Days by Enya (VERY GOOD)
    Can You See Me Now by Tatu
    Not Gonna Get Us by Tatu
    Numb by Linkin Park
    If I'm Not the One by Daniel Beddingfield (VERY GOOD)
    Easier to Run by Linkin Park
    Question by System of a Down
    24 by Jem (VERY GOOD)
    30-Minutes by Tatu (VERY GOOD)
    See Who I Am (VERY VERY GOOD!)

    If anyone would like to contact me, I have plenty of messengers and my laptop at college is ALWAYS on whether I be at the desk or not and my messengers will always let you know where I'm at and when I'll be back if not, take a guess, an hour or two, I'm not often away from this baby lol

    Enjoy the videos

    btw, if you wish to know what I'm going to college for, I'm a game artist, no wonder I make the best damn music videos around!

    AIM: Aeristilheartly
    YIM: Aeristilheartly


    For those of you who WEREN'T paying attention, I was 16-17 YEARS OLD WHEN I MADE MOST OF THESE!
    Sure MOST of them, ARE crap I KNOW THAT, THAT'S WHY I put up a list of there that are BETTER CHOOSINGS, now it'd probably be 100000x better if you READ THIS before you downloaded anymore videos AGAIN


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