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  • Member: sayde
  • Title: A New Emotion: Final Fantasy VII-2
  • Premiered: 2006-07-28
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    • Jade from Sweetbox real Emotion
    • Koda Kumi Real Emotion
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  • Comments: *PLEASE READ the following sentence!*
    The improved quality and improved aspect ratio version can be obtained through the indirect link.

    So please take note of that if you decide to leave an op or quick comment. It's been fixed.

    *First and foremost*, I'd just like to say that the entire point of this amv is simple. I wanted to make Yuna look like she's singing the "Real Emotion" song FOR FF7:AC&DoC as if the song was ABOUT FF7:AC&DoC (Much like how singers, will occasionally make a music video to promote a movie by using various footage of that movie in there video.)

    And here's just a little advice for those that may lack some common sense. If you truly abhor FFX-2 or FF7 with an absolute passion, and still feel like viewing this vid, then at least have the decency to judge the amv based on that alone, and not your personal feelings of the anime this is based on should you decide to leave some feedback for me.

    *won several awards in the MikomiCon 2006 AGMV including:
    -Technical Award
    -Overall Favorite Award

    Well here it is folks. This is what happens when I devote almost an entire summers vacation towards the making of an amv. I've got a lot on my mind so I'll get the important stuff out of the way now. Just like the title should've suggested, this is a cross-over amv between the FF7 universe, and the FFX universe. The local links quality should prove to be adequate (or on-point) but if your looking for crisp clear quality that surpases that of even the original sources, (remenicent to the "Chronicles of Midgar" amv by Hinatasan and Michele) then use the indirect link below. And for those of you who value proper aspect ratio's, I did my absolute best to improve them in the 3rd version of this amv. That too can be found under the indirect links below. Unfortunately, uploading anything over 100mb here is against the rules. Before I continue any further, I'd just like to extend a big thanks to dj_ultima_the_great for beta testing this for me and another big thanks to Kionon for helping me improve the aspect ratio. This amv definately would'nt have been as good without her advice.

    Now that that's out of the way, it's time for me to share my own opinions on this amv.

    The idea/concept of this amv is somewhat original, but for *me* its' most definately not. Here's what I mean.

    -This is my 4th FF:AC related amv, and my 2nd FF:DoC related amv.
    -This is the 3rd project in which I've tried to encorporate FFX-2's Yuna by having her sing to the amv.
    -This is the 3rd project in which I've tried to encorporate Yuna by having her sing to an amv that used FF footage.
    -This is the 2nd project in which I've had Yuna sing to the song she was originally singing to in the first place. (VERY unoriginal).

    Considering this, plus how overused this footage (and this song to some extent) is, I was hesitant to even think about doing this kind of project--AGAIN. Then earlier on this summer, I decided to rewatch my first amv (the oh so unoriginal "Real Emotion music video" just to see if it was really as good as I remember it being, and sure enough, it sucked--to me at least. It was my very first amv after all. Watching this all over left me feeling guilty and pretty bad. It left me feeling like I had to attempt the concept one more time, but only now, I'd devote the time and the work needed to actually pull it off the way I had meant it to be done a couple years ago.

    If you haven't clicked the back button on your browser by now, then congrats. Give youself a cookie. Now that I'm done spilling out just how original this amv is for me, I guess it's time I tell you what makes this worthy of taking up anyones HDD space for even a second, much less four minutes.

    -I don't use special effects much. At least not nearly as much as other people. It's never been my style, so if you've seen my amv's before and liked what you saw, then this could be one reason to download this. I tried pushing myself to use more digital effects than I'm used too. Now don't get me wrong. This amv DOES NOT contain stunning visual effects from start to end. But it is present. Particularly around the beginning and the end portions of this amv.

    -This my very first actuall cross-over amv. What do I mean by that you ask? What I mean is, this is my first amv in which I've actually combined 2 different sources of anime and created some sort of interaction. Even if it's not in the traditional sense, this cross over amv goes beyond simply using a bunch of characters from various different works and just picking out clips to match the music. That was the biggest flaw with my first amv. There was no interaction between any of the FF characters from different universes,and there was no focus. It was just some semi random clips with yuna singing every now and then.

    -This is my very first time using photoshop and masking for a project at all. And let me tell you, I didn't just use photoshop for a few quick effects. In order to make this cross-over convincing and in order for Yuna's presence to be felt in the FF7 universe, photoshop was essential. There was just no other way. This is another big reason why my first amv's were such failiers in hindsight. I was too lazy to actually go through with it. Hours on end was spent using this program. As of now, I'm sick of making cut outs. And keep in mind, I was cutting out *fully rendered 3-D animated CG* footage made by SE (who's known for there detail when it comes to these kinds of things). It's one thing to cut out the tradition 2-d anime. Many times, there are obvious black outlines to a character, or there will be a distinct difference between a characters clothing, and there backgrounds, but that's not the case here. Not many amv's use masking when it comes to things like this, and now I see why. It's difficult and there are rarely shortcuts. In something like this, that runs at 30 fps, chances are, your going to have to cut out the full 30fps unless theres little to no motion going in the clip at all. Secondly, your cut outs must be pretty accurate. Obviously, you can't make it perfect, but it better be good nonetheless.

    -Despite the category I picked for this, it's the first FF:AC&DoC amv I made that's really not so heavy on the action. It has it where it needs it, but overall, it's pretty toned down compared to some of my other vids. To top it off, there aren't really any spoilers plus NO OMNISLASH!!! YAY!!!

    -Last of all, this is my first project in which I've spent putting over 100 hours into. To be honest, I'm positive I must've spent around 200-300 hours on this project. It took damn near my whole summer to make, and there were many days where I would easilly spend 10 hours on this. My biggest regret is that most of work I actually put into this, isn't portrayed through the amv. There were SOOOOOOOOOO many scenes I was planning to make cut-outs for. (A lot more than what's shown in this amv.) The sad thing is, I did make the cut outs. I would spend hours on end making cut-outs for scenes that just would not_look_good_period. The problem is, I could'nt really tell if a scene would look good or not, until I actually attempted to put it together. So in a sense, I was gambling with time for every scene I had thought about doing.

    So there you have it, 4 unoriginal and 5 original things about this amv. If you feel that I should've used more digital effects towards the mid-portions of the amv, then too bad. I didn't want to go overboard messing with digital effects (especially since I don't like using them). Plus I thought it would ultimately be better to use them in order to give the amv a strong start and a strong end. If you felt there should've been more scenes with Yuna in them, then once again--too bad. Trust me on this one. I would've if I could. But there were several factors that came into this.
    -Camera angles of Yuna,
    -how much footage of Yuna singing I had to work with
    -finding the balance between matching the footage with the lyrics and showing random footage of Yuna.
    -Time restrictions. I actually would've liked to add more. But for *me*, it just wasn't possible with the time restrictions I have. The amount of free time I have is drawing to an end. So I figured it'd be best to play it safe and finally consider this amv finished.

    In this end, this isn't going to the most fast paced or hardcore action packed, or most digitally impressive amv you've ever saw. But I am hoping the masked footage I worked so hard to make is what convinces you to watch this. Afterall, it's it's a first timer for me, plus it's where the bulk of the work was spent. I don't think the concept I've brought forth has ever been done quite like this in any amv on this site. So for that alone, it should be worth giving a shot. Lyric sync, beat sync, and footage quality should all prove to match up to the standards I've been making for myself (which is on-point at the very least).

    I think fans of FF will definately find this amusing. It has its parts. That's for sure.

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