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  • Profile: Ja ne...., I'm a student going to East Tennessee State w/ a major in Computer Animation and minoring in Japanese. I'm 22 and currently live on campus. I've watched anime for about 4 years now, starting with DBZ and moving on from there ( one of the few, LOL ).

    I had started out mostly in drawing over the past 13 years, often various stuff like TMNT, Sonic the Hedgehog, various anime, and I continue to do so and expanded to dedicating it to my own website where I start doing requests to gain some experience.

    I'm currently just starting out in video editing and hope to earn the respect of others in the area. Most of my influences and members that I often look to study from and gain knowledge in the area include MeriC of Temple of Trunks, VegettoEX, dokidoki, and various others of the field.

    In my approach to videos and in how I rate them, I don't care so much about "at such and such sec you didn't start such and such," my concern in video is "did the video speak to you," "did the idea or plot of the video get across," or "did it envoke the desired emotion," These are what I look for in good AMVs. Of course, that's just me.

    PC specs: NeoDreamcast v2.0
    Chaintech Zenith ZNF-250 Motherboard
    AMD Athlon 64 3400+
    GeForce6 6800 Ultra 256MB
    2GB DDR PC3200
    Sony DVD+/-RW DL
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    320GB 7200RPM Western Digital Hard Drive 8MB Buffer
    Comcast 6MB

    Windows XP Pro
    MP3 audio
    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Adobe Photoshop CS2

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Saber Marionette J
Cowboy Bebop
Sonic the Hedgehog
Lupin III (TV)
FLCL (Fooly Cooly)
Blue Seed
Neon Genesis Evangelion

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