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  • Member: Lostboy
  • Title: Hungry Like the Wolf
  • Premiered: 2000-06-02
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    • Reel Big Fish Hungry Like the Wolf
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    - A-kon 11 Video Contest, 2000
    .... People's Choice Award
    .... Random Quote Award: "Most Fun at Your Party"
    - Anime Weekend Atlanta 6, 2000
    .... Professional Awards: Best Comedy
    .... Professional Awards: Best Song Selection

    - Mac G4
    - Sony Media Converter
    - JVC SVHS VCR Model HR-S3600U

    - Final Cut Pro 1.2
    - Tsunami MPEG Encoder

    This was the first video I ever made with a computer. You could say I cut my digital choppers on it. The lip sync at the beginning was done by essentially slicing up a scene from Castle of Cagliostro into single frames and reassembling it into animation with the mouth movements I needed. I played around with compositing a lot in this. For instance, I used still frames for the shots of Zenigata in drag and Lupin's reaction to him, but you see Jigen's cigarette drop from his mouth int he background. In the anime, Lupin is saying "T-Tottsan!" as the cig falls, but I composited two halves together, froze one, and let the other run, so you couldn't tell I did anything special when in fact I did. That's done again in the scene where Jigen asks, "Was that too much? I never know." If you look closely, you'll see a few drops of sweat freeze in mid-air on the left side of the screen, a minor oversight when I was manipulating my shot so Jigen could talk while Lupin gagged on food.

    Also worth noting: I never used any sound other than the CD track. You hear some screams when Lupin falls and gets shot at, but those were on the CD. I picked scenes of him screaming so those screams would make sense. And all the talking is done by the band's lead singer, too.

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