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  • Profile: Sayan Video Studio was founded on september 1st of 2004 by two young, full of enthusiasm men RatKiller & Darius GQ. Summer 2006 - Boogy joins SVS.
    Inspired by other genius clipmakers like Scorpions Ultd, Fynjy and others, we decided to make our own way in AMV. Actually, first AMVs, which we ever seen were Danny Poo's on Dragon Ball Z series. This was beginning of Darius...RatKiller joined him a little bit later. At first we created only for "home use", then, in 2004, we heard about AMV contest and decided to take part, that was the beginning of SVS.
    Then there was a long period, when members of S.V.S. were creating AMVs separately. But in spring 2006 there comes studio creation - "Freaks".
    And since the beginning of 2007 SVS stands for Sayan Visual Studio, as long as we came to the thought that word "Video" is not enough for us. Because our interest goes even beyond video editing. We also like to play around with audio stuff. And also, making another step further, we try to integrate 3D in our works.
    Our goal is constant perfection in the things we do the best - entertaining you and ourselves of course ;)
    Every time, when another creation of SVS is in progress, we challenge new heights, try to reach for the top, and beyond.
    We have much respect for people, who appreciate the work, that we're doing.
    We are thankful to our families, our friends & everyone, who knows us...

    In our work we use following software:
    Imagination =)
    Sony® Video Vegas® 7.0
    Adobe® After Effects® CS3
    Adobe® Photoshop® CS3
    Virtual Dub®
    and maybe other stuff, forgotten to mention =)

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